so long, gloria?

maybe it’s just talk, so take this with a grain of salt (and pepper, why not), but it’s the juiciest tsismis yet from the coffeeshop circuit.  to wit, that the americans intend to foil erap’s dream of capturing the presidency, take two.  how?  by supporting  vice president noli de castro all the way, which is to say, not just in the campaign for 2010 but much earlier on, by forcing gma to resign — it is said that the americans have the goods on her — which means noli ascends to power and will be impossible to beat as the incumbent in 2010.

what if gloria refuses to step down?  then i suppose the americans would release the incriminating information to media and watch gleefully as people power strikes again, oh wow!

neat plot, ‘no?  totoo kaya?  yes, they can?  or is it just wishful thinking on the part of the anti-erap opposition?  we’ll know soon enough.  abangan…


  1. oh well, i am looking forward to gloria’s
    farewell party. and i just hope that if indeed
    the obama presidency will come to our rescue,
    i just hope that they’ll be cutting it swift and
    clean without the bitter after taste. sigh.

  2. jojie-riyadh

    I just hope FVR will not lift a finger to SAVE GMA again. Its the military clique who is keeping her in power. Lets hope our patriotic soldiers can help us do a thai-inspired change of power,