Sensing Life

By Victor Peñaranda

As the year branches to an end
Two woodpeckers work busily
On the dry bone of ilang-ilang tree
Zapped by lightning a few months ago.
I can taste the ruins of rainforests
While walking across an empty field,
My body burdened by thoughts of typhoon,
The searing pain of devastation.
I long to whisper to weeds gone wild
The marvel of sensing life in pulses,
Flowing from reason to rhythmic season,
Intuitively waking up with a blue whale
To overpower the size of ambition.
The mind learns to bloom and fade, regain
Dusk from dawn, be ceaseless as the universe.
During moments of weakness and beauty
My heart is a tree bewildered by starlight.

Bay, Laguna
25 December 2012