people power redux

yes, we are thoroughly appalled by the president’s (mis)handling of mamasapano and distressed by his continuing silence.  it’s as if he’s incognizant of the public outrage, or is he just disdainful of, and so refuses to dignify, the widespread sentiment that he owes the nation an explanation for his actions, and non-actions, and their consequences.

or maybe it’s all deliberate, keeping us in the dark, on fractious mode — the lack of credible information preventing intelligent and constructive discussion that might lead to consensus?

whatever, the fact remains that neither the Left (teddy casino atbp.) nor the Right (norberto gonzales, peping cojuangco, the mitsubishops, atbp.) nor any coalition of anti-aquino forces is capable of summoning the kind of people power it would take to compel the president to step down.  in 1986 anti-marcos forces were solidly behind cory as replacement, and that makes all the difference.

if the Left and the Right truly care about moving the nation forward from mamasapano with some really hard lessons learned, they would be echoing, adding their voices to, the people’s demand that the president come out, come clean, give us a candid account of his role, and america’s, in oplan exodus.

we don’t want the president to step down, we want the president to tell us what really happened and why he couldn’t stop it from turning out so badly.  we don’t want the president to step down, we want the president to empower us with the information we need to ask informed questions and make informed decisions come 2016.  we don’t want the president to step down, we want the president to tell all, now na, or, okay, on feb 25 at the latest.

in EDSA 1986 cory was compelled to reconcile differences with enrile, and vice versa, in order to achieve marcos’s ouster.  this EDSA anniversary seems like a good time for noynoy to reconcile differences with a nation that would forgive him naman.  then, just maybe, history will remember him kindly, warts and all.


  1. That’s the problem with Left and Right, they don’t want nor care to see our country move forward. They just care about their own interests!

    And it is going to be a ‘circus rally’ with a lot of comedians showing up and the whole event will be covered by the ‘tabloid-sytle media’ to keep their ratings alive as well.

    Come to think of it, do you actually believed that the President owes us an ‘apology’? I don’t think so.

  2. manuel buencamino

    The thing is almost everybody has already drawn conclusions and found who is to blame etc etc but the timeline is not yet clear, the dozens of text messgaes exchanged and forwarded to the President, the various chiefs of services, the commanders om the ground, the soldiers etc have not yet been laid out in a clear chronoligical order.

    No one knows yet has all the facts and knows exactly what happened. The president was in Zamboanga holding meetings, doing site inspections, checking on the rehab efforts and the recent bombing and at the same time getting mixed messages that the operation was successful, that it was not, that there were casulaties but the rescue was on the way etc etc.

    It is only now that we are finding out that there were 300 SAF troopers who were within hearing distance of the firefight but they did not move to reinforce their comrades. No one from the SAF has explained why. If this report is true, then it is certainly not information that the survivors of the fallen would want to be told at the necrological services, at the meetings with the SAF, or at the meeting with the surviving families. Maybe this is info the public would want to hear, but certainly not those who are still in mourning, not those who are members of the SAF but were not in Mindanao when the incident happened, right? The truth will set you free but it can also kill you.

    So why not wait until all the facts are in before we draw conclusions and ask for the heads of our favorite whipping boy on a platter? Giving the Congressional bodies, the MILF, the Board of Inquiry, the time and space to conduct a probe is a better of getting at the facts than the way the hysterical mob is going at it at this point.

    • If the president won’t answer, now na, why he went to a prior important commitment instead of meeting the caskets, then this “hysterical mob” will replace him with their own choice of president according to Tingting Couangco Binay.


  3. Carambola, kahit si pinoy di isasabak sa suicide mission ang mga tauhan. Mga kano malamang ang may desisyon at di mahindian. Yang sina purisima ang katiap ng mga kano. pinoys role was passive informee, his hands were tied by a goldberg ops that he cant admit publicly as a matter of natl security.