on armchair revolutionaries

read this http://www.gmanews.tv/story/214338/jim-paredes-hits-armchair-revolutionaries-on-fb-twitter

and then this http://radikalchick.com/dear-jim-paredes/


  1. manuelbuencamino

    I skimmed through the news item on Paredes and I have a feeling that he really does not understand the power of social media and blogs. For one thing the debates that happen in those fora can and do educate the participants, it brings issues to their attention, and such knowledge is usually what spurs the users to get involved, to engage and to act. Witness what happened in Ondoy and Egypt. Witness how China became so paranoid about the events in North Africa it practically shut down all blogs and social media.

    Social media debates are no different from seminars/workshops. Some are good and others are just circle jerks.

    I think characterizing netizens as virtual citizens misses the mark. Netizenship is as real as Paredes’ idea of citizenship. Come to think of it, would the Egyptians have been able to get to together, those thousands who shared political views, if they did not have some previous connection through the net?

    I say don’t knock the thing. Learn how to use it, for whatever revolutionary purposes you have in mind.

  2. To summarize in one sentence each what Jim Paredes and the Radikalchick are trying to say just for the purpose of us knowing who to take side with between the two of them: :)

    Jim Paredes: I am more patriotic than you ordinary Twitterers and Facebookers because I helped my neighbors during Ondoy while you just sat in your armchairs.

    Radikalchick: OH yeah, you know what we were doing aside from sitting in our armchairs, you ego tripper?????!!!!!

  3. Roxelle

    Thank god, someone called out this intellectual snot who seems to think he’s the only one who deserves to talk about political issues because, I don’t know, he went to Edsa 1? I have no other description for this guy but that he which I just called him. An intellectual snot. Words cannot even begin to describe my contempt for this guy.