1. frustrsting. they failed in the negotiation. the priority should have been the lives of the people, both the hostage taker and hostages.

    gulat ko noong mabasa ko yong comment na masisira ang tourism industry.

    para bang sinasabing huwag kayong mamatay sa carpet ko at malalagyan ng dugo.


  2. i still can’t believe na dinedma lang ng aquino admin.all day. akala nila mareresolve na lang basta? they should have given the guy whatever he wanted — it wasnt as if he was asking for stuff like a piloted plane and money to get away — and once the hostages were released they could have put him in jail for hostage-taking.

  3. the police should have cordoned off the site from the beginning and not allowed the media there to turn it into a circus.

    para sa akin mas madali pa nga for the hostage negotiators and other authorities had the hostage taker demanded money and a piloted plane. as it was, he was asking the ombudsman to change her decision and have him reinstated as a cop. this would mean violating the law to give in to his demand. or maybe since he was stupid enough to hold people hostage, he would be stupid enough to believe the authorities to keep their word and not demand a signed legal document from the ombudsman. as it was, he apparently didn’t like the content of the letter he received from the ombudsman and then he saw on tv how his siblings were being treated which further agitated him, kaya hayun ang nangyari.

  4. Putting the blame on the president for a police opreration gone wrong simply because he’s the most visible government offical may be the easiest route. The last thing the negotiator wants to do is to agitate the hostage taker.

    The letter from the ombudsman and the arrest of the sibling aired on national tv that excited the hostage taker is simply not the responsibility of the president. Unless of course we expect him to micromanage all government functions.

  5. UP nn grad

    So what does Presi-Noy do next?

    Will he put all the blame on the media? Did the PNP even coordinate with the media? Did the PNP ask the media for 15-minute or 30-minute delayed broadcasts?

    And this question — Will Presi-Noy do a PAGASA and fire people?

  6. A full blown investigation would reveal minute-by-minute account of what transpired. Lessons can be learned from this.

    We should tell our lawmakers to include all police related activites as one of the responsibilities of the president. He is blamed for it anyway if something goes wrong.

  7. UP nn grad

    to niknok: Maybe you’d be on the sidelines, but if this HongKong Tour Bus/Quirino grandstand events happened with GMA as president, then Conrado deQuiros and some members of the Yellow Army would be screaming “GMA Talsik Diyan!”. Screams of “It’s Malacanang’s fault!!!” would be there had it happened under Erap or Villar presidency.

    Police-related activities IS one of the responsibilities of the president. The PNP reports to the DILG secretary; the DILG secretary reports to the president.

  8. By chain of command the buck stops at the president. But I find it hard to absorb that he should call all the “shots” of strictly police matters. We should leave it to trained professionals. And if something goes terribly wrong, then an investigation should be conducted to find out how to improve the system.

    A disturbed cop who chose to kill innocent civilians…it’s Malacanang’s fault…there’s a big disconnect. First we should find out who did what from the crowd control, to the personnel on the ground, to the officer in charge at the scene. And if there’s negligence then the president should act on it.

  9. jojie umali-riyadh

    It all boils down to a very,very, DYSFUNCTIONAL GOVT INSTITUTION. imagine an Ombudsman dismissing without due process a decorated,bemadalled & TOYM Policeman, stripping his dignity on a drug-case conspiracy pointing to him as responsible in command. Who is Madame Gutierrez protecting in this drug related syndicate????

    The local city officials, the Mayor Lim & Vice Mayor Moreno, should have taken the command responsibility of avoiding the tragic-end of this event since it involves the city law enforcements.