noynoy’s sisters 4 binay???

totoo kaya itong inside story ni emil jurado, kolumnista ng manilastandardtoday?

Admittedly, the biggest surprise in the election is Makati Mayor Jojo Binay, who is almost sure of becoming the next vice president. Binay is likely to beat Liberal Party vice presidential bet Senator Mar Roxas.

While poll surveys had shown the surge of Binay overtaking Mar Roxas during the last two weeks of the campaign, nobody, including myself, expected Binay to lead the actual vice presidential race.

So why Binay? I was told that during the last stretch of the campaign, the “three Stygian sisters,” (like those in the movie “Clash of the Titans”) told Noynoy supporters to campaign hard for Binay instead of Mar.

The “Stygian sisters” were not comfortable with Mar being a vice president. They knew deep in their hearts that Noynoy would be overshadowed by Mar. Roxas has all the credentials and qualifications we can hope for. He has achieved many things. You cannot say this about Noynoy.

Aside from this, I was told by LP insiders that the “Stygians sisters” were also uncomfortable with the Aranetas and their money. The Aranetas later stopped the funding, which led to a confrontation between the Noynoy and Mar strategists. The confrontation was so intense that party insiders feared a breakup between Noynoy and Mar.

Recall that Noynoy went to the extent of saying that he would share up to 80 percent of his powers with Mar if they are both elected. That statement was taken by many as reckless and irresponsible, made only to please Mar and his followers. The bottom line is that the presidency has the sole responsibility and accountability in his administration. The buck stops at the desk of the president.

In any case, when Senator Chiz Escudero announced his “Noy-Bi” preference, the “Stygian sisters” and Noynoy strategists went all-out for Binay, junking Mar Roxas. The result is now what we see in the election results with Binay ahead of Mar in the latest count.

so i googled “kris for binay?” and got this instead:

“I only have good feelings for Mayor Binay – but my  vote is for MAR,” nakasaad sa Twitter ni Kris.

hmm.   baka naman she meant jejoMAR!!!   LOL


  1. bella

    emil jurado has always been anti-noy…this article was written to sow seeds of bitterness within the LP and the people who voted for noy-mar….look upon the article as the start of his 6-year odyssey to bring down noy’s (and his family’s) credibility. this is just a crock of you-know what from a biased (his own words not mine) writer.

  2. GabbyD

    really? it could be true? for real?

    but ” They knew deep in their hearts that Noynoy would be overshadowed by Mar. Roxas has all the credentials and qualifications we can hope for.” is such a SHALLOW reason not to like someone, esp for something as important as this election. do you think they would sink so low? middle aged women, mothers?

    do you know people who think this way? for something as important as the presidency?

    i dunno, maybe i’m naive, BUT this seems to be arguments High school kids would use. do u know any real adults that invoke this kind of reasoning?

  3. that emil jurado article was emailed to me by one gordon supporter. sinagot ko that i was never a fan of his writings. aba! i would get 3 more emails from different email accounts!

    of course, i was curious. beat drum much to influence people that the binay numbers can no longer be touched by mar’s visayan votes which i heard eh di pa nabibilang?

    spins you know but these are truly some pretty interesting haka-haka. ma-i blog nga.

  4. Die Hard NoyPi-Riyadh

    @bella;-); yes, emil jurado has confessed in his column that he could not forgive the Aquino’s because he lost a fortune of his investments way back when I think the company where he owned some shares and the company lost in the bidding. Anyway, if I may add, the problem with our political system is that it has become part of the entertainment industry. Even, bloggers here in the cyberspace have been influenced by opinion peddlers of the media who are engaged in titillating the whimsical minds of gullible to raise eyebrows, sow speculative problems instead of rasing the standard of political behaviour of our leaders to inspire the people to unite. Ay naku, kailan kaya tayo
    mag-kakaroon ng real “developmental journalism” to focus on developmental issues instead of personalities and intrigues.