nora aunor for national artist!

so.  is it true what coconuts manila and the inquirer‘s lito zulueta say, that the palace deems superstar nora aunor aka ate guy unworthy of the title national artist for film and broadcast media, never mind that she is among the six that the joint boards of the cultural center of the philippines and national commission on culture and the arts named last september?

or is the opposite true.  on the very same day, june 9, when zulueta’s piece came out in the arts and books section, bayani san diego jr had a piece in the entertainment section, posted just a few hours earlier, happily reporting that snags had been ironed out, and nora aunor would be proclaimed national artist along with cirilo bautista for literature, alice reyes for dance, jose maria zaragoza for architecture, francisco coching for visual arts, and francisco feliciano for music.  ano ba talaga, inquirer?

i figure the delay means that it’s a no to nora for national artist.  and the palace knows there would be a collective howl from noranians far and wide, masa and burgis, organized and un-organized, militant and moderate, lol, so of course the timing of the announcement is crucial, dapat kapag tipong ang daming nangyayari, at matatabunan agad ng magagandang balita, like, you know, the senators arrested, jonas burgos resurrected…

on second thought, it could be a yes, and the palace knows there would be a collective sigh of sheer happiness for ate guy, a national high, no less, and celebrations left and right — the president would be so bango, the noranians would love him forever — so maybe it’s not a good time to waste such positive sentiment now, when the president’s annointed could make the announcement himself maybe late next year, panalo sa 2016, argh.

but seriously, i hope that the prez is having second thoughts about those “moral” issues. because, really, to deem nora aunor unworthy because of drug use and erratic behavior and, even, tax evasion, and do i hear lesbianism thrown in for good measure? is only to raise questions about national artists previously proclaimed.  i know of two who were gay and rather decadent, both brilliant and most deserving.  so what’s the beef with ate guy?  maybe her politics?  her love life?  double standard much?  LOL.  o mas type kaya nila si ate vi? o si dolphy?  but ate guy trumps them both, no question about that.

nora for national artist!  now na!


    • Boie Gabay



  1. manuel buencamino

    I’ve always loved the idea of a committee of appointed individuals who have the power to create categories of what should be considered art and deciding who should be recognized as national artists.

    I love that they can mint medals and award pensions on the public’s tab. Because the state should support art.

    Define art, the arts, identify great artists and would-be great artists. Let’s pick a committee to do that. State-sponsored art. Great idea. What better way to create a national art identity than having the state stand over art.

    I love the smell of freedom, the smell of state-sponsored art in the morning. This is art, that is not; this is an artist, that is not. There is no better way to develop art and artists.

    Where would we be without a committee to guide us? Where would we be without a committee in charge of raising our level of consciousness?

    Go National Artist Awards! Go censorship…through positive reinforcement. Reward what they like, ignore what they don’t…trust the selected committee to tell you which way to go.

  2. c nora aunor ay isang national shame, dahil nakulong siya sa USA sa drugs case, nagbigay siya ng kahihiyan sa boung bansa, sabi pinakamagaling, meron bang pinaka tapos laging natatalo sa award ng mga baguhan at mas magaling sa kanya, meron bang superstar na kulelat ang kita sa MMFF at laging first day last day ang film, think again!

    • aileen bacolod

      LAKING TANGA mo naman Jorge, kung maging National Artist si Nora Aunor yon ay dumaan sa mga hurado at meron basehan. kung tulad mo tatanga tanga na gong gong ka talagang Malabo ang iniisip mo. eh sino gusto mo si vilma santos na ang daing kinabit na artista din. HUSAY sa KANYANG LARANGAN O SINING ANG BASEHAN AT DI ANG PERSONAL NA BUHAY. TANG INA MO.

  3. estela fowler

    Oh my God!!! She was nominated for national artist award that she deserves to get. All this mess and bull shits are not necessary ano. She’s been helping the industry for about 50 years. Jorge yong pagiging national artist eh binabasehan ang nagawa no noon pa, naiintindihan mo ba. Yong mga bagong sinasabi mo Hindi pa nil a narrating at nagawa ang nagawa na ni ms.Nora Author.

  4. estela fowler

    Sorry but it’s just annoying. Ms. Nora Aunor deserves it. I’m sure she’s happy for newcomers when they gets awards too, ‘she’s been there, done that’ there’s nothing she has to prove. She’s got tons of awards locally and internationally. At the moment nobody can be compared to her in singing and acting, and in theater. She’s outspoken which is the right of every citizen in a democratic country. She made mistakes, but one thing for sure she did not steal from you Jorge!!!!(kab an ng bay an)

  5. Flor geronimo

    It’s all water under the bridge now.nora aunor is not named national artist and it’s a shame on Pnoy .When Nora risked her popularity and made movies that are not commercially popular but help uplift the Phil movies that alone entitled her to be nominated as national artist.Putting aside crab mentality and hypocrisy to the highest level ( sino ba walang bahid dungis?hello mr Pres?) and include fan mentality, we all know nora aunor surpassed all the requirement of being a National artist,and no movie actors or actress of yesterday and today can equall or surpassed what she has achieved.since you started putting morals on the agenda of who will be natioanl artist sana ma panindigan na ang lahat NG susunod na national artist e pwede ring maging nominated as saint.