new kid on the blog

yehey! my daughter katrina has finally stepped out of her multiply closet, it’s about time, as she has a lot to say, too, manang-mana, ‘ika nga.

but where i was a sixties college drop-out and learned and earned my credits in the school of hard knocks, she’s done it the good-girl academic way, grounded in comparative lit and philippine studies, with a touch of tibak, pero medyo burgis.

and where i started out writing strictly showbiz stuff and slowly worked my way up to politics, she’s already writing about it all, and more.

my all-time favorite is incredible kris that she wrote at the height of the ball-breaking krisaquino-joeymarquez scandal, which we emailed to all our friends on the internet and which came back to us, full circle, from everywhere around the globe.

of course we got some hate mail, too, hehe.


  1. resty o

    mahusay! impressive analysis of kris. I wished katrina also psychoanalyzed that oft-troubled personality. remember that she’s a daughter of an ex-president and a jailed hero whose face is now on the Php500 bill. surely, those things count as strongly in considering her present and past hangups.