media & the moneyed

The Luisita issue aside, the real problem these days is that PR men have so much clout in media that they can always get their lies told in the guise of news. That, I think, is, in large measure, a function of a generally uncritical attitude among media practitioners toward the rich, famous, and powerful. In interviews, whether for print or broadcast media, such rich, famous, and powerful personalities are lobbed powder-puff questions by reporters or talk show hosts, and their answers, however self-serving, inane, or mind-boggling, are accepted without question or critical rejoinder.

This reflects either media’s inferiority complex when in the presence of the rich, famous, and powerful or the simple recognition (and acceptance) of who actually butters media’s bread. In either case, the country and the people are worse off for this.

that’s from rene azurin‘s “News, lies, and videotape” on media’s spin re luisita distribution.  glowing legacy, my foot!


  1. manuelbuencamino

    Sus! Si Rene Azurin? Hindi ba yan ang gumamit ng column niya to propagate a spurious story about PNoy’s mental fitness? At member din siya nung GMA cha-cha committee, di ba?

    I think media’s uncritical attitude is not limited to the rich, powerful, and famous. They give a lot of uncritical, unedited media time and space to the professional left and people like Rene Azurin.

  2. manuelbuencamino

    Glowing legacy nga. Shining example pa kasi di tinutulan ng presidente ang pag=hati ng hacienda ng mga kamag-anak niya. Eh yun hacienda ng mga amo ni Azurin sa Negros, yun hacienda ng mga Arroyo, isinuko na ba nila yun?