martin & pops – the best revenge

when i heard martin nievera on the buzz last sunday, i just had to read pops’ tell-all interview in yes magazine that drove the man to tears.

i also googled it, anong reaction ng fans, and the overwhelming sentiment is against martin and the significant other. they think pops did right to finally speak up and tell her side, reveal the pain.

hmm. ito ba yung schadenfreude, ‘pleasure taken from someone else’s misfortune’? we’re just happy that they’re all still miserable?

i think pops has been too sensitive about the “monkey” business. i’m not convinced it was derogatory, maybe because i remember calling my kids monkeys too when they were in that young and irrepressible monkey-see-monkey-do stage. besides monkeys can be cute.

sana tinantanan na lang sila ng media. or sana she just killed the story outright, gave katrina the benefit of the doubt. puwede namang hindi patulan, if only for the sake of the kids. this can’t be good for them.

of course i realize that it was a straw-that-broke-the-camel’s-back kind of thing, patong-patong na ang atraso ni martin, time to get even by revealing all and getting public sympathy on her side. pa-martir effect, kumbaga.

but there are other ways of getting even. ika nga, “you don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” which is a warning “not to act out of pique or pursue revenge in such a way as to damage yourself more than (or as much as) the object of your anger.”

because martin is right. with that unexpurgated telling of the martin & pops soap opera behind-the-scenes, pops has killed their best seller of a concert loveteam that had survived the broken marriage and continued to thrill and and titillate pinoys worldwide.

check out reviews (MARTIN & POPS -the magic lives on) of their hugely successful concert at the mohegan sun arena, connecticut just last year. beauteous pops teasing martin, “nagsisisi ka na ba?” and the audience lapping it up. i thought that was the best revenge.