Mar and Grace must speak out

… The two won a combined vote of 18.6 million compared to President Duterte’s 15.9 million (Santiago and Binay earned a paltry 6.7 million votes combined).

If Poe and Roxas speak out, Duterte may taunt them as losers. If he does, that’s all right, that’s his style. But having had a combined vote larger than Duterte’s, they’re in a position to call out the government to rein in the police.

We all – government supporters and dissenters – must work together to make sure the nation’s direction is righted before things deteriorate and all will be lost. We cannot afford to have another Marcosian nightmare that we had from 1965 to 1986.

This is not a call to arms, a coup d’etat, or another People Power uprising. Rather, this is a call for enlightenment, for discernment, for open-mindedness, and for unity.

Leandro DD Coronel


  1. ricelander

    The trouble with due process in the war against drugs is the ease by which the process could be undermined. With a gun on one hand and a bag full of cash on the other, how? who among us could really resist this combination of terror and temptation. When made to choose between a bag of riches and the life of the people you love, pray tell which choice will it be.

  2. Batang Genyong_Alah Eh

    A combined votes of 18.6 million for Mar & Grace does not mean a vote against the administration of Duterte. What is more politically correct and democratic is the social media survey which shows a favorable rating of more than 80% in the latest results. Lets not be in hurry to judge a short period of war where you match evil for evil, violence for violence and a justice system which is prostituted for the highest bidder and corrupted by narco-politics