juan ponce enrile, estelito mendoza, and the supremes

what a show of legal acrobatics and selective justice from the supreme court, no less.  the credit, of course, goes to enrile’s defense counsel na talaga namang matinik at kagilagilalas.  for some history, read Estelito Mendoza: Champion for “the wrong side” by raissa robles (2011), Joker Arroyo et al. versus Estelito Mendoza et al. by belinda olivares-cunanan (2000), and Estelito Mendoza’s defense of Louie Gonzalez by solita monsod (2008).

sabi nga ni raissa robles:

He can make white look black and vice versa. Plus he has a grateful army of former students, colleagues and subordinates scattered far and wide in the Philippine judicial and legal system.

and sabi nga ni associate justice marvic leonen sa kanyang dissenting opinion:

Special privileges may be granted only under clear, transparent, and reasoned circumstances. Otherwise, we accept that there are just some among us who are elite. Otherwise, we concede that there are those among us who are powerful and networked enough to enjoy privileges not shared by all.

(Other accused) … remain in jail because they may not have the resources to launch a full-scale legal offensive marked with the creativity of a well-networked defense counsel. After all, they may have committed acts driven by the twin evils of greed or lust on one hand and poverty on the other hand.

yes, a powerful, creative, and well-networked defense counsel is all it takes to get around the law.  and, but, what does that say about the eight arroyo-appointed supremes who dared preempt the sandiganbayan?  why the sudden inordinate rush to release enrile?  is it possible that enrile and/or mendoza called in favors of one kind or another and there was no saying no?  or were the eight just eager to establish a precedent for the benefit, next, of gloria arroyo?

kaya ko namang lunukin yung old age and ill health as pusong-mamon reasons for moving him (and her) from hospital arrest to house arrest, but to hear that he is raring to go back to work, in fact, is expected back in the senate on monday, if senate clowns are to be believed, is beyond outrageous, it’s unbelievable, as in, wow, is he no longer under arrest?!?  he is presumed innocent, the evidence is weak, blah blah blah, or so argues, nay, rules, estelito mendoza from on high, and that’s all there is to it?

the timing is highly suspicious.  just when marcos’s version of the bangsamoro bill is up for discussion.  except that i remember enrile evincing great interest in the original BBL as a welcome experiment in parliamentary government, or something to that effect.  can it be that he has changed his mind?  OR has he been set free to bring the aquino-iqbal BBL back on track, sorry na lang si bongbong?  is my imagination on over-drive?

and, but, what would it say about a senate that’s eager to welcome enrile back, no questions asked?  do these lawmakers owe enrile and mendoza some favors, too, of one kind or another?  are they testing our limits?

the good news is, justice secretary leila de lima has finally found her voice.

De Lima said the Aug. 18 ruling was not final, as it was “subject to the 15-day rule of filing a motion for reconsideration.”

“The People of the Philippines, through the Ombudsman, can and must file a motion for reconsideration,” De Lima told the Inquirer on Saturday when asked about the state’s legal recourse.

“[T]he decision can only be deemed final and executory if no [motion for reconsideration] is filed within 15 days from receipt [of the ruling] or, if one is filed, upon the denial of the [motion],” she said.

so.  let’s see how enrile and mendoza try to win this one.  think nation, and history, dear supremes.  we are watching, and taking notes for the worldwide web.