homestretch blues

dismaying but interesting.   our minds and communications are on mercury-retrograde mode for the next three, four weeks, right smack in the last three weeks of the presidential campaign, which means that instead of moving on to other important issues we’ll be going back over old ground, which means more of hacienda luisita, alleged psychological incapacity, lack of experience, etc. with regard to noynoy, and more of c-5-at-taga, landgrabbing charges, and the poverty spin with regard to villar.   we will see how low either camp would stoop to discredit the other all the way to election day.  mas madaling magsiraan (hindi mauubusan) kaysa magmagaling (mauubusan).

are we going to see survey kulelats gordon, bro.eddie, jc, perlas, jamby giving up the fight to endorse either noynoy or villar, erap or gibo?   i seriously doubt it just because, if memory serves, it hasn’t happened in recent multiparty history.   to the very end they all think they have a chance, surveys are questionable, anything can happen, never say die, not even when llamadong llamado ang mga kalaban.   a pinoy macho thing, i suspect ;)) but hey i’d love to be disproven on this, just because it could tip the balance one way or another, make for a most definite win for the lucky one.   and then, again, maybe not.

what we ARE likely to see, i’m afraid, even now, are all kinds of glitches with machines, esp. those that have to do with communications and transportation, anything that moves people and ideas around, including the machines for automated counting of votes and conveying of results.   sana hindi.   sana suwertehin tayo, for a change.   but the odds are against us, so dapat ay paghandaan by having plans B and C, just in case.

meanwhile i still don’t have a president.   and i haven’t stopped wishing, how retrograde of me, that it were mar running for president and noynoy for vp.   i disagree with the notion that if noynoy had run for prez later rather than sooner, he could not have counted on the same phenomenal love and energy a la edsa generated by (ninoy’s) cory’s death that birthed the clamor for the unico hijo’s candidacy last august.

i don’t see why not.   i think that noynoy as vp (mar would have won easily, with noynoy behind him) could have used the next six years to clean up his act, do the morally, and politically, correct thing with regard to hacienda luisita, AFTER reading of course ninoy’s testament from a prison cell and other writings that might enlighten him a little about the Left.   if there were no poverty and oppression, there would be no Left;  snubbing and demonizing the Left (instead of finding a way for Left and Right to work together for the good of the whole) would not have been ninoy’s way, is no way to honor ninoy’s legacy, in fact it dishonors ninoy’s legacy.   anyway, if he used the six years wisely andcreatively, maybe also studied the education problem thoroughly — an additional two years of schooling is not the answer —  i have no doubt that the cory-ninoy effect would have kicked in as powerfully, and there would not be so many undecideds in 2016.

for now hindi ko pa mapatawad si noynoy for the hacienda luisita killings and for being so anti-Left, or is it anti-poor.   i guess i’m still hoping to hear him say something reassuring, to the effect that he will prevail upon the cojuangco-aquino clan to follow the law and give up luisita to the farmers, and that he would snub the likes of palparan and get the military to produce jonas burgos atbpang missing activists.

lacking either or both, well, there’s villar, pero kahit kayanin ko siyang patawarin for c-5 at taga and, even, the obscene spending, ay di ko yata kayang patawarin his obdurate stand against reproductive health.   si erap, he got his turn already, and he botched it.   gibo looks good but he reeks of status quo politics.   amboy gordon i considered, but only briefly.   bro.eddie is too fundamentally religious, perlas too green, jc too sophomoric.   jamby at least has not only the best-looking FG (french gentleman), she has the best platform of the lot.   so hmm, if not noynoy, it could be jamby for me, a protest vote, on principle.


  1. Die Hard NoyPi

    Initially, I had also wished and preferred that Noynoy would run as VP of Mar to boost the chances of Mar. But, I guess that the big wigs of LP,notably JV Salonga and Frank Drilon, have opted to give the essence of Timing and the fact that you are in a political war with the manipulative tactics of GMA and their massive resources, as over-riding factor for advising Mar to give-way for party unity.
    As for Noynoy’s learning curves in dealing with HL issues and balancing act with the Left, he could have exhibited his defining moments if he had definitive and determinant role in crossing the bridge to resolve such conflicts. I cannot blame Noynoy for his ambivalence against the Left, because if you remember Sen. JV Salonga(himself a victim)pointed to the Left as the mastermind of the bombing of the LP Plaza Miranda Miting de Advanse. As for the HL issues, again the Left and some paramilitary covert operations who were carrying their own dis-information mission, were idealogically involved in the bloodbath. Maybe I am wrong but I do not see any link nor culpable violations of human rights committed directly or indirectly by Noynoy himself. If the victims were poor and powerless, its the by-product of rotten and oppressive system of which we are all a part of. Kundi si Noynoy ang kalaban ni GMA and her cabals, sisiw lang lahat sila at kayang-kayang tirisin ng ating fake ng admin. . Noynoy is not the quintessence of a perfect candidate, but I have no doubt he can deliver, he can act in favor of the marginalized and he is the best sign that we all have to cross rank and be united to fight twin evil of GMA and her military cabals, even corruption in our evil govt.

  2. Hello. I’m glad I reviewed Professional Heckler’s posts as one of them led me to your site. I think when I was much younger, I read some works of yours or at the very least, I recall your name from some written work.

    Like you, I, too, do not have a president. What do we do? It’s such a shame that we have so little time left till the elections but can’t decide because…

    Oh well, at least I’m happy tonight at having reconnected with you, that is, your writings. I shall drop by again.

  3. @Die Hard NoyPi:

    Ninoy would have ignored the influence of Salonga on an issue as important as dealing with the Left.

    The Left? Ideologically involved in the bloodbath? What do you mean? The Left supported the strike, no doubt about that. But what do you mean by this statement?

    For the candidacy of someone who hasn’t proven his mantle in fighting for the people, you are attacking the Left.

  4. Die Hard NoyPi

    @tEO:=) I am not privy to the thinking of Noynoy, but since Noynoy is carrying the flag of LP and I assume decision to align with idealogical sectors has a party consensus and since Sala=onga is the echairman emeritus and has greater say, IT IS my educated guess to assume Salonga has influence in the political conduct of the party as a whole and specifically on Noynoy as its presidential candidate..
    I have always sympathized with the parliamentary struggle of the left, however, whether they truly represent the issues of the marginalized poor, I have doubts if national sentiments for linking their cause among the majority has taken roots and their support has lessen.