heartthrobs piolo & sam vs. lolit solis

interesting the 12-million peso libel suit that piolo pascual and sam milby filed against lolit solis and her tabloid editor for intimating that they’re gay – said to be the first ever in the history of jurisprudence in the philippines and in the world.

usually kasi, true or not true, guys just shrug it off, hindi na lang pinapatulan, why fuel speculation, such as the biggest buzz of all: that it’s a publicity stunt to get them on the front pages and gossip columns in aid of promoting piolo’s coming concert and sam’s coming album.

sey ng isang gay friend ko in media: take note, for a 12-million peso libel suit, the filing fee is 10 percent, that’s 1.2 million bucks, only 600 kyaw each, which isn’t much, as promotional expenses go, peanuts kumbaga, lalo na for the kapamilya network, IF they’re involved. and, given lolit solis’ (har)batting record, even she could be in on it, har har.

makes sense to me. twould explain the timing, why now lang, e dati na namang tinitira-tira ng bading press si piolo, who has been linked to more guys than gals, or so it seems to me.

besides, it’s not as if the gay rumor has harmed piolo’s career, or sam’s, in any way. if we are to go by their many solo product endorsements and their series of hugely successful “heartthrob” concerts here and abroad, the two hunks have happily been making capital of it and raking in the big bucks. they’re bankable, gay or not, lolit or not.

i think piolo’s the most beautiful hunk alive. i don’t think he’s gay but he could be – interesting ang chemistry nila ni sam on cam and i don’t mind in the least.

neither do my gay friends. says one: i hope they’re gay! they’re such cuties. we need cute icons in gayland. puro manicurista at peroxide queens ang nag-leader of the pack! adds another: agree! enough of boy abunda. ngek. icon ba ‘yon?


  1. I am glad that somebody who had the means decided to take on Lolit Solis. This lady has the gall to slander everybody and think of the Philippines as her playground. Remember that “Take it, take it!” scandal when she orchestrated the massive and blatant mockery the Manila Filmfest and how she justified the cheating by calling to the event as “Chipa- Chipangga (cheap)”?

    For me, the whole thing is simple. Nobody has the right to slander anybody and demand that it be shrugged off that simply. In most of the barangays in this country, call the local hearth throb a fag and expect for that lead pipe in your jaw. She’s lucky that she only got a libel suit.