good for a laugh

unwitting court jesters of the world, filipinos are, the philippine government, even religious leaders, included.  we’re always good for a laugh or two, laglag bala being only the latest gaffe that has the world laughing in exasperation if not in pain, for us.  as for the looming summit, we won’t even need stand-up comics to entertain putin and obama atbp.   happily shutting down this third world economy so world leaders can safely party for their economic gains is already too tragic-comic for words anyway.  esp because the palace doesn’t get it.  joke’s on us.


    • ah, the anonymous one quotes an in-credible one who was all negativity about the country when he left for australia in 2006. so he’s back and defending pnoy like crazy as if anything has deeply changed, and, yeah, you must really really like him.

      • That is interesting, yes, we think a lot. Interestingly enough, he and I disagreed on Torre de Manila, whereas you and he were in agreement. That suggests, of course, that we ought not prejudge (prejudice) people based on our own values. We ought to listen to why they think the way they do. Prejudice, of course, is what human rights initiatives are all about. I suspect on that, you and I might even be in agreement.

          • So you are not happy that he agrees with you? That is not good enough? He must do everything as you want to be accorded respect? As I must reveal my identity to be accorded respect?

            He has been active on Twitter on it, and took issue with my blog (pro DCMI) on the subject on my Facebook page. Just because you were not there does not mean he is not active or thinking right ABOUT THE ISSUE.

            Christ, center of the world mentality . . . driven by political allegiances and narrowness.

            You can’t grant him respect that he has it right on this issue because you have prejudiced his character because he went to Australia. That’s like someone saying a Filipino can’t think right because a Filipino is a Filipino.

            Prejudice based on superficial considerations unrelated to an issue is prejudice.

  1. Please excuse my exasperation. I get frustrated when Filipinos diminish Filipinos and their country for political gameplaying. If Jim Paredes agrees with you on Torre de Manila that doesn’t count because he is an LP loyalist, and must be discounted because he did not express it loudly enough or because he went to Australia. No, he is right on Torre de Manila (from your view point), and that ought to be respected for that. Otherwise the people supporting TDM are not really that interested in TDM. They are interested in themselves. And otherwise, the Philippines will never be a whole nation, where different people are welcomed for their diversity of origin and thought.