flashback: “noted!”

we all saw that on tv, live.  senator kiko pangilinan and the gavel that even broke down after so much noted!  and listening now to gudani, and sotto and drilon and legarda, i note that no one is reminding us that in those days, there was a real fear of FPJ winning the election, lalo na’t he was so close-mouthed about his vision for the country.  the fear was that he would turn out to be another erap, and that the church and civil society and other elitists would end up trying to impeach him anyway, as they did erap.  and so everyone, but everyone, who didn’t vote for him was silent and complicit in whatever sleights of hand were going on then, long before hello-garci, to gma’s benefit.  no wonder gma’s bp is up up up.  what goes around comes around.


  1. i agree with angela. the evil civil society/elitist/senators/makati business club/namfrel/elitist group were silent and complicit in the cheating for fear of an FPJ win.

    though not because that FPJ would turn out to be another Erap but because those evil civil elitist society group don’t want to live under an under-graduate president dahil masasapawan sila ng isang hindi elitista at hindi degree holder, at hindi sobrang talino na presidente. mga engot. hindi maisip na ang sobrang talinong presidente ay sobra-sobrang magnakaw base sa history ng Pinas.

  2. An accessory is one who “cooperated” in the commission of a crime, but whose cooperation was after the fact. If there was poll fraud in 2004, and IF he knew of it (even if he was not in on all the details), Mr. Noted would be an accessory. The decent thing would have been to withhold cooperation as a member of the canvass board. This discussion is of course theoretical. It assumes Mr. Noted knew or should have known.