Enrile’s memoir, and defamation

by radikalchick

on pages 648 to 650 of Juan Ponce Enrile, A Memoir (2012) Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile (and his editor Nelson Navarro and publisher ABS-CBN Publishing) falsely accuse my mother Angela Stuart-Santiago of writing “unpardonable falsehood” that was “meant intentionally and maliciously to tarnish <Enrile’s> name and <his> role in the 1986 EDSA Revolution. <Stuart-Santiago’s book> intended to portray me as a disresputable, despicable and a double-crosser.” <bad english not mine> (page 649).

does this count as defamation and libel?

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  1. Just for that I think I will read the book. Nah, not Enrile’s but Angela’s, hehehe.

    This is the time when the story teller is telling a life story telling a lie este just got his book out when the Cybercrime Prevention Act with the Sottomized criminalized E-Libel comes in handy. After all who are we mortals to question the accuracy or veracity of their own version of “truth,” LOL.