donald trump & grace poe

i love the way donald trump is rocking the boat of the republicans, which suddenly makes me wonder if maybe i should be loving, too, the way grace poe is rocking the boat of the liberals so-called.

but then trump dares talk issues, never mind that he offends sensibilities with his political incorrectness.  poe for her part has yet to talk issues, baka pinag-aaralan pinag-iisipan pa niya, with a lot of help and input from her favored vicepresidentiable chiz escudero.  baka di pa tapos ang tutorial.

siguro kung di niya kailangan si chiz, siguro kung wala siyang chiz na kabuntot, kakayanin kong ibigay kay grace ang benefit of the doubt.  i saw that news report of her and chiz in  coronadal, south cotabato — on the invitation nga ba of NPC? is chiz back in the good graces of NPC because he has grace?

and in a short clip from her speech, some 24 seconds long, grace managed to mention chiz three times.

Ikinagagalak ko po na isa sa nagawa namin, kasama ni Senator Chiz, na dumaan at dumadaan na po ang BBL sa senado, gaya nga po ng sinabi ni Senator Chiz, ang mga probisyon dito ay kailangan nating pangalagaan.  maganda nga po ang national roads niyo dito  pero nasabi din sa akin ni Senator Chiz na marami pang kailangang gawin sa mga provincial roads.

ano daw?

as for teddy locsin calling idiotic the idea that grace should get some more experience muna in preparation for a 2022 run — for a while there i thought he might have some significant insight or info that would change my mind, but no.  as usual, he’s just being flippant, mocking, even satirical:

In our kind of government, which is modeled after the American, no experience is needed or asked for. Indeed, experience is what screws up your electoral chances unless you can hide it. Hillary Clinton has much to brag about and therefore much to be attacked for. Mar has served in the past 3 administrations—look where he is in the ranking.

As for the presidency, the job is easier than it makes itself out to be. It requires minimal intelligence to get by; though some cunning to get more done. It has an unlimited number of experts on call (and unlimited cash to pay them with) unless you prefer the company of friends. Even then, you’ll get by. And the media—from fear or for favor—will shower you with praises in the first half of your term.

You don’t pay for your mistakes; the country pays for them.

In the Philippine experience, nobody learns anything useful and good from serving in any administration, including not repeating the same mistakes. It is the same with any government experience, even on the local level: look at Binay.

locsin does not mention chiz at all.  in ANC’s coronadal report, walang sound bites from chiz even if he also gave a speech.  it’s almost as if he’s being ignored.  aray.  but that’s what he gets for piggybacking on grace’s popularity instead of standing on his own.



  1. If rocking the boat is done by labeling an entire people as murders and rapists because they are poor and want a better life, then that boat rocker needs to be pitched overboard. What do you think Trump’s take on Filipinos would be, you know, the ones taking jobs from real Americans like him?

    Poe can’t rock boats. She is a populist. But she can tear down instead of build, as evidenced by the shock that rolled across the nation when Poesecudero said they were against the BBL . . . and had to quickly amend their statement a day later.

    • Grace Poe is a bird brain ! Not thinking what the outcome after all these hulabaloo..I could picture a wet bird limping all the way back to good old USA ! If the Filipino people is smart enough to kick her off the country for fraud.

  2. manuelbuencamino

    Grace, like all who run for president, only asks one question: Is it my time?

    And so she is going around the country talking to people, waiting to hear from them that it is her time.

    Once she hears that enough times and people actually donate real money for a campaign, then she will go around the country proclaiming it is her time and the country’s time for someone as great as she is…ganyan ang mga nakaka-isip mag presidente ng Pilipinas.

    …meron namang issues na pinag-uusapan si Grace…as a matter of fact she does not talk about personalities…look at her public statements, interviews etc…even when she responded to the Binay camp’s attack on her inexperience and legal standing to run for president, she never named Binay, she only spoke about the importance of character over experience…so in that sense she is issue- oriented…

    However, she speaks on issues coming on as a citizen who happens to be a senator and not as a citizen who could be president…compare how she speaks on national issues with the way Escudero or Bongbong or Miriam speak…she offers opinions they pontificate…

    personally I am not a fan…I have to see more… I have to see how she will behave as a candidate for president…as a vice-presidential candidate it does not matter …spare tire lang ang vice…

  3. Outrageous ! Grace Poe will be branded as a yagit running for higher position in the Philippines, but as balikbayan returning to the Philippines as a simple Pinay housewife she will be praised by many pinoy as a beautiful mestisa and will awed many by acquiring educations from different community college and some office job as entry level such as collating papers in the US, substitute teachers as feeding children during lunch (teachers aid ) cleaning kindergartens mess…and so forth…you could google her from the neighborhood in Daly City S.F. The place frequented by ex movie personalities…where vi Santos, Susan Roces, Gabby conception and Rosmarie Sonora where she do home service as a beautician.