death by hazing

it’s a tragic first for de la salle university/college of st. benilde, the death by hazing of HRM sophomore guillo cesar servando, 18, and it can be the last if the university would only be true to the student handbook that prohibits membership in fraternities, sororities, and “any unrecognized organization that subscribes or participates in any violent act”. The consequence for students found to have violated this contract is dismissal or expulsion. Also punishable are those found to have encouraged fellow students to join, and those who are proven to have been present in any initiation rites.

read HAZING: The deaths are not accidents by G.U.Stuart, MD, la salle hs ’61.


  1. so the president asks, what is lacking in enforcement of the anti-hazing law. ahah. how about, these frats have powerful connections with people in government, all three branches, fratmen themselves.

  2. manuel buencamino

    If schools have to pay hazing victims and their families millions of pesos in damages, I bet frats and sororities disappear faster than you can say, “Greeks!”