deadly mabuhay kills chikatime

interesante ang nagaganap sa gossip corner of the blogosphere. akalain niyo, napa-shutdown ng isang gucci gang blog-girl ang, the notorious gossip blog that dared cackle in nasty bading-speak at celebrities and other society climbers, and not from some ivory tower a la kitty go but from the mean, and i mean MEAN side of the tracks, a long way away from the red carpet:

The site claims to receive 4,000 hits a day-even on days when no updates are posted. Chikatime’s claim to fame-or one of them-is breaking the Brian Gorrell-DJ Montano story before Gorrel put up his own blog.

But Brian and DJ aren’t the only subjects of Chikatime. It has targeted almost everyone, from celebrities and fashionistas to columnists, editors and socialites. They have “leads” coming in from everywhere-even supposedly industry insiders.

The blog seems to be this era’s weapon of mass destruction. It could be a greattool of expression and creative prose, or it could be a means of anarchy and vendetta.

It could be the hoi polloi’s voice from outside the red carpet, the other side of the velvet rope.

Chikatime entries range from eyebrow-raising to downright nasty. Bouncing checks, gate-crashing, backstabbing, locker-room embarrassments-the blog is packed with enough dirt to make the Upper East Side sound like Pleasantville.”

sabi rin ni kitty go:

Chikatime has a GREAT FORMULA no one comes close to:
1) a great sense of humor
2) a hilarious command of Taglish and Bading-speak
3) graphic photos
4) magnificent moles”

of course, imbiyerna ang mga pa-altasyudad na natatampok sa chikatime, like the gucci gang fashionista shoppingera blog-girl who says puro kasinungalingan at panlalait ang sinasabi dito, which, come to think of it, is exactly the gucci gang’s complaint re brian’s dj blog. but brian is out of reach in australia (or is it canada now), while the blogger behind chikatime, the gucci gang blog-girl found out, is taga-makati lang pala and making less than 20 kiyaw a month (smalltime!) so she threatens to out him unless he deletes, retracts, apologizes, and creates a link to her site – susmaryosep! you wonder what she’s really after. chikatime’s traffic? no wonder chikatime shut down na lang.

but gossip, like hope, springs eternal. if the gucci gang blog-girl thinks she’s home free, she has another think coming. unless she shuts down, too, of course.


  1. Dianne Smith

    You guys right when it comes to Jenni Epperson.We used to work in Linea Italia days.Mind you, she always go out with big clients.She is a user. Gagawin nyang BFF ang mga close kay Freddy(owner of LINEA)para malakas sya. SAme thng with clients..sobrang sipsip.Then naging presedent kuno sya ng Linea..pano nagyari yun, from sales staff Prsedent kagad..kasi adik si Freddy nun..sobrang drugs.
    Then after a year, ginawa nya sales lady ulit itong jenni kasi lahat ng sales staff galit sa kanya sa sobrang bruhita nya at nakakaloka talaga ang gagang yan!
    So fa,ous na daw sya ngayun. A lot of her ex-co worker from Linea are are commenting na bruha sya. Pano ba naman how many ladies na ng binabati sya, aba parang nagka amnesia at di na sila kilala ni Ms Epperson.Hu, dati nanghihiram pa nga lan g yan ng damit sa mga kasama nya.
    Ayan karma!

  2. Dianne Smith

    naku naman Jenni, di ba sinulatan mo pa nga kaming lahat ng manager ng nademote ka from President to sales lady ulit at gusto mong mag resign. Gusto mong kampihan ka namin na bigyan ka ng separation pay dahil ayaw kang bigyan ni Freddy.So what you did you wrote a letter to everyone to asking help.After mo kaming okrayin during your term..kapal!Don’t deny this..iuntog ko kaya ang ulo mo sa pader para maalala mo lahat. Laya wag kamasyado magpasosyal…nakakahiya talaga!!!