cory, hindi ka nag-iisa

huwag tayo magalit kay cory for apologizing to erap about edsa dos just because we don’t like erap and/orwe’re convinced he deserved to be impeached.

knowing now what we didn’t know then about how pgma and fgma plotted with the generals to unseat erap long long before chavit singson blew the whistle, and seeing more clearly now how the davide supreme court turned a blind eye to the constitution and collaborated instead with the opposition to install gma, i say cory’s right to regret edsa dos and she does not deserve the kneejerk brickbats, least of all from the dick with a moist moist eye on the presidency.

what if, instead of calling for erap’s ouster when we went to edsa, we called instead for davide to order the prosecutors back and proceed with the impeachment trial?  sure, erap might have been acquitted, but gma wouldn’t have had to cheat in 2004.

or what if we called instead for gloria arroyo to accept erap’s invitation to a council that would oversee the economy?  or what if we called instead for both erap and gloria to make way for a snap election, as both senators enrile and roco preferred?

we had all sorts of options then but we were adolescently fixated on doing an edsa a la 1986 when the real challenge is to do better than, or to improve on, the original.


  1. salamat jen :) salamat pogb :) sabay hingi ng pasensiya sa inyo (at iba pang tumatangkilik sa blog na ito) – hindi ko nakuhang mag-generic maligayangpasko man lang. i tried but my heart simply isn’t in it. december has been a sad sad sad month for me and my family, having lost, and sorely missing, a dear dear one who never saw christmas.

  2. Angela, nabalitaan ko nga. Nakikiramay ako. I hope maging okey din soon. Merry Christmas pa rin.

    Hindi ko pa rin maisip mag-apologize for joining Edsa 2 — lalo na kay Erap. Pero pag-iisipan ko pa ang reasons. Medyo nagmamadali! Hehe.

  3. teo ;) salamat . . . masalimuot talaga ang usaping edsa dos lalo na for the youth who made up the bulk of that edsa crowd and who believed in the rightness of what they were doing. and indeed there was a lot that felt right about edsa dos. kicking out a plundering, not to mention drinking gambling womanizing, president – that felt good and right, how could it be wrong? well, maybe not wrong. but it could have been better. what’s important i think is that now finally we see that the people, the power, can be, and we were, manipulated. the arroyo camp managed to keep people thinking that vice president gloria was the only alternative, we were happy just to kick out erap. thing is, the people could have asked for more, set certain conditions, forced certain promises, such as a the abolition of executive privilege and bank secrecy laws. how about passage of the freedom of information act. somethings to check and balance not only executive but also legislative power. then maybe gloria and her congressmen would be behaving better.

  4. gabbyd ;) salamat… no i dont believe cory was joking. she’s said it before, in october 2005 (check out inquirer editorial’s rant today), but no one took her seriously then, i suppose because erap was still in jail anyway? now that erap’s free, the fear is that cory’s sorry validates erap’s plans of running again for president if the opposition won’t unite behind one candidate. so let him plan. i doubt he can unite the fractured opposition either.

  5. Stuart-Santiago: Angela wrote “The Ninoy’s Politics Series” (“Manifesto For Free Society”, “A Christian Democratic Vision”,The Filipino as a Dissident”,”Three Generations” and “Beyond Conspiracy”) which were very fitting tributes to our forgotten Pinoy national hero.

    One of EQ’s Top Ten Pinoy Blogs for 2008

  6. EQ ;) salamat salamat! i had been meaning to thank you via a christmas post re the equalizer’s top ten
    [] pero natabunan ni cory saying sorry ;) ninoy would be so proud.