ces redux

redux adj.  = brought back; returned. resurgent. used postpositively.

that’s what anc’s “kidnap” docu was all about, a make-over of ces drilon, the brat correspondent who got herself and her team kidnapped by terrorists just because egotism, conceit, self-importance got the better of her.

reminds me of cnn’s richard quest who was caught with dope in new york – i’m not sure if it was coke, crack, or ice – and who simply disappeared from the public eye. the way cnn handled it, it was like he had never existed, never mind that he had quite a following with the business class.

okay, so ces drilon was just high on ego, but the consequences were so much more horrible and widespread, she certainly didn’t deserve that tribute.


  1. mismo angela. parang it was one of her shrink sessions na natelevise. baka mauso yun sa reality tv hehe…

    while i was watching it (ok, aminin, nabiktima din ako hehe…) i was even thinking that the shots might’ve been taken with the abu’s permission. tipong “drama” lang na stolen. unless ganun nga ka eng eng yung mga kidnappers nila. i found it impossible that they didn’t even think of destroying the camera or getting hold of the tape at the very least. basta. nakakainis. abs talaga. ang galing magsensationalize.

  2. Quest is apparently back on the air. Rather than treat the situation like he never existed, looks like they went with, “it never happened” — or even worse, “it happened but was forgivable”. My favorite Malcontent’s take is he was too valuable a rock star for CNN to let go (http://www.deusexmalcontent.com/2008/07/re-quest.html).

    As for this whole Ces thing, did anyone really think ABS would let this blow over without milking the high-drama and their exclusivity for all its worth? And did anyone really think that the quality would be anything but crass?

  3. quest is back?! havent seen him yet but i guess it was too good to be true nga. as for ces, of course it’s expected that abs would milk it for all it’s worth, but i was hoping they’d show some class, not crass, for a change ;)