celdran as rizal, celdran as damaso

There was a bit of irony to all this because Celdran put on a dark overcoat for his cathedral caper, intending to portray Jose Rizal, but after he was arrested the newspapers had a field day showing him behind bars. I think the photographs’ impact was stronger because what I, and many others, saw was not Rizal in detention but a Spanish friar, Padre Damaso, no less. Poor Celdran, with his Spanish ancestry and rotund body physique, did end up eliciting a bit of wistful thinking among Filipino indios.

LOL, michael tan.   so true.   but in fairness, whether in the cathedral as rizal, or in jail as damaso, carlos celdran was quite the performance artist extraordinaire (bow).   enough with “tourist guide”, no offense to tourist guides ;))


  1. Well, I know I’m dense, and I saw Celdran there inside his cell as Rizal put to prison on order by the friars led by the Archbishops. How can anyone see him as Padre Damaso? Imprisoned by Rizal? Is Michael Tan playing politics here?

  2. i think michael tan meant no offense. ironic naman talaga that the one filipino of today who dared call out the church on birth control in such a dramatic manner happens to be a spanish mestiso worth casting as a friar in a rizal movie and not a brown malay a la rizal.

  3. carlosceldran

    I was just called Damaso because I am tisoy. Hee hee. Michael Tan is cool. He meant no harm. He just meant the stunt would have looked more effective yata if I was a smidge more Indio. But alas, I am not. :o(

  4. a spanish mestizo for a martyr
    few indios for friars

    not in picture, however, are:

    millions of aliping namamahays working abroad
    while saguiguilids, still saguiguilids, remaining at home

    a christian president from parian
    whose country’s economy run by the rich, also from parian

    while multitude of hapless indios now living and multiplying in parian

    …talk about irony

  5. If there are 90 million indios, of which 80% are catholics, at 100 pesos per baptism, that’s 7.2 Billion Pesos going to their coffers. And it’s only one sacrament…there are 6 more. Just wondering how the bishops would react if the govt cuts down the sacraments say by 40%.

    If the Filipinos pay 7.2 Billion Pesos per sacrament to the Catholic Church, that’s more than 50 Billion Pesos to complete the 7 sacraments assuming each sacrament cost 100 pesos. Pwera pa dun yung pakimkim ng mga jueteng lords.

    Religious organizations have Tax exemptions. The government is not taxing them on the basis of separation of church and state. Now that they are meddling in govt affairs, maybe they ought to be taxed.