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that’s entertainment sa senado

caught just the last part of the jinggoy & mrs. ligot show, and wondered what mrs. ligot was on, she who was so teary and high-blood the first time she showed up in the senate investigation.   twitter provided quick answer, valium-laced testimony, said @wagmagalit.   ah so.   ilang mg. kaya, lol.   she was not only quite composed and alert, invoking her right against self-incrimination at every turn, she was also making eyes at the senator and the senator was returning an eye for an eye, LOL.   they were almost ummm flirting, she playing the coquette, appealing for mercy, and he playing gallant macho, willing to withdraw contempt motion if only she would oblige by answering allegedly harmless questions.   kulang na lang magkalabitan sila.   that’s entertainment, complete with innuendo about mrs. ligot’s “constant lady companion.”   thanks to
@drippingmind for the link.  thanks to @SagadaSun for the retweets.