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The RH bill: Resolving the controversy with science

Flor Lacanilao Most published and posted commentaries on the RH bill show poor public understanding of science. I am sharing here a summary of my comments posted at the online forum on Philippine science. It is focused on the nature … Continue reading

CHED to blame for K-12?

By Flor Lacanilao “To be sure, the need for more and better science education has not been entirely ignored. But little of this attention has been aimed at post-secondary science education, the only level for which there is data showing … Continue reading

Philippine higher education: Put the right people in charge

By Flor Lacanilao This is a review of some issues I have discussed related to higher education. Although some have asked why I often repeat what is already said, I remind those in science that I repeat only what is … Continue reading


By Flor Lacanilao After retiring from UP over 10 years ago, reading obituaries has become a daily habit. When I come across a death notice on somebody who died at 50 or 60, I am thankful to be healthy at … Continue reading

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“rotting fish as food for thought” 2

here’s more from professor florlaca on the fish kills. before and after fishpens, owned by members of prominent families, including politicians and ranking military officers. Rotting fish: another food for thought By Flor Lacanilao Most of the fish kills in … Continue reading

“rotting fish as food for thought”

this thread on the fish kills, courtesy of marine science professor flor lacanilao, is quite an eye-opener.  more and more it looks like the fish kills are the result of too many fishpens, bad governance (what else is new), and … Continue reading


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