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it was amazing, and dismaying, how meekly and quickly senator ralph recto stopped with the questions re the extent of american involvement in mamasapano.  just when it was getting interesting.  general napeñas was about to tell us about the drones.

“actionable intelligence”

feb 11 i caught US president barack obama on CNN explaining his admin’s draft resolution to the US congress for authority to use force against ISIL. OBAMA: If we had actionable intelligence about a gathering of ISIL leaders, and our partners … Continue reading

the finger, house of reps hearing

watching house of reps hearing on mamasapano on cable tv, and rep  neil tupas tries to do the senate better.  asks napenas about marwan’s finger.  napenas asks for executive session. tupas:  i want you to answer that… i don’t think it involves … Continue reading

An opportunity to ‘level up’

By Emmanuel S. de Dios FUTURE HISTORIANS will ponder the curious chain of events that provoked profound political changes in the Philippines under Aquino III. The puzzle for them is to understand how formal rules came to be taken seriously … Continue reading

php 4.15 power rate hike – outrageous and obscene

and yet the palace’s first reaction was to defend it — not arbitrary, not unreasonable, it is based on the law.  ah, yes, the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001, the infamous EPIRA that the senate of the eleventh … Continue reading

mini pork barrel fund

…since 1998, there seems to be a mini pork barrel fund that the senators (and apparently members of the House of Representatives as well) have been feeding off, courtesy of some provision inserted in the General Appropriations Act at the … Continue reading


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