Satur Sulit

This life we are cast into, I see
is not meant by those who design it to be easy
only to be liveable at best
and exploitable at least.
Modern life is founded, it seems,
on catechism’s seven capital sins
Pride, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony,
Avarice, Sloth and what else?
and Wrath, of course, what drives a man to kill.
Controlling these desires is the core of all religion,
battling them the only worthy passion
Victory, it is told, spiritualizes the man,
reveals him to be more than just animal
accomplishing him in his true being
in touch with the heavens.
Yet it is these very sins
constantly awakened in us by this modern world
of money, created by and for money
in the name of Economy, religion be damned
our lives pre-empted in the service and satisfaction
of our capital desires
And so we are herded away from heaven
and lured into the embrace of our captors
for a life in a zoo.