calling out purisima #mamasapano

is purisima back from saipan?  according to reports, he left friday, jan 30, to attend some conference of masons.  while the nation grieved.  let’s hope he means to come back, and to come clean.  the sooner the better.  sabi nga ni gary granada sa facebook wall niya, it’s time to play the truth card or there’s no moving on toward peace.

Playing the peace card

to help the nation cope with vengeful anger and improving the chances of a bloodless closure, who would say no to that? But all the peace cards in the world are useless without the cathartic truth card. And for that, we need to locate square one.

The subject concerning our favorite imperialist’s involvement is a matter of course, no real mystery there. On the other hand, debating over historical contexts, while indispensable in the long haul and should be a continuing national habit, may be too elaborate to be of some relief to our collective grief at this juncture.

But how it happened that a suspended general figured at the helm of the command chain is a good place to begin. As expected, expecting truth to come from Mr. Aquino is an absolute dead end. Tuwid na memory nga wala, tuwid na daan pa kaya. If PNoy could now not seem to recount his buddy’s involvement, surely Purisima has some way of remembering what Purisima did.

We may not agree on many counts, but on this one the country is pretty much in unison: Purisima must be compelled to tell all if also to help keep public outrage from turning unconstructive. He owes it especially to the families of the dutiful lawmen whom he and the President himself apparently helped get killed.