bukingan na!

ronnie zamora expressed my sentiments exactly: a pox on both their houses! while it was a rare spectacle having the speaker rant and rave on nationwide tv against the arroyos – mother, father, and sons, and oh yes, jose pidal kuno – who had clearly engineered his ouster, it was just as dismaying, though not surprising, to hear him practically admit that he had been covering up for gma all through,and since, the garci-tapes scandal of 2004.

the question now is, will jdv continue with the exposes a la son joey? that would be great, for a change, except he would be digging his own grave. and what about manay gina who promises, too, to tell more in the coming days? sey niya, araw-araw silang magkasama ni gma noong 2004. hell hath no fury like a woman (whose husband has been) scorned?  you go, girl!


  1. Former Speaker Joe De Venecia’s Sad Poem:

    “There Was Nobody Left…”

    When they came for the communists and the so-called leftists, I turned away
    When they came for the human rights activists and the radicals and the street protesters, I turned away
    When they came for the political opposition, and the critical civil society groups, and the brave journalists, and the critical bishops and priests, I turned away
    When they came for my brave son,I compromised and remained silent
    And when they came for me, I turned around and around, and there was nobody left…

  2. It’s been compared to a gangland slaying. (some movie pops in my head of al capone getting ready to bash some mobster’s head in.) i guess this is an accurate picture.

    for some reason, I don’t think he has the moral stamina for vendetta.

    He’ll cut a deal and move on to becoming a private comprador…for China!

    I’ve always had a cold place in my heart for Julius Caesar, though that comparison is too grandiose.