brian’s blog 2

interesting developments on delfin dj montano’s blogspot.

upon the importuning of fans, brian gorrell is now accepting donations. and the expectation seems to be that when the $70,000 has been raised, he would should consider himself paid.

meaning what? that brian must call a halt to donations? shut down the blog?

parang hindi tama. what the generous ones are doing should be meant to benefit not the alleged swindler ex-lover but the swindled and heartbroken victim who has HIV. it should not let the alleged scoundrel off the hook – where’s the justice in that? kung sinong maysala, siya ang magbayad, di ba.

and don’t say that being crucified on the blog is punishment enough. i don’t think so. i mean, how do we know? until the guy comes forward or puts up his own blog (maybe named to either confirm or deny brian’s story, we won’t even know that he’s been punished justly or unjustly, much less that he’s been punished enough.

i suppose this is why there are libel laws, to protect the alleged swindler. kung pinoy si brian, tiyak meron nang restraining order. i suppose also this is why kitty go, a jetsetter lifestyle writer who has written two small books dissing the alta syudad’s shameful decadence, herself stops short of naming names. check out this great review:

And even if I read it voraciously from cover to cover, I can’t helpbut wonder if I only found it interesting because I already knew the people you were talking about. And if people don’t kinda realize that apparently these purported characters were supposedly Antoine Saint Diyego, Aryel Losada, Emilee and Selene Lopes, Josiefene Knocks, Andrue Gan, Jonattan Matthi, Meelet Manankheil, Sary App, Gretsen Bareto and Teena and Ryko O’campoe, would the book be just as interesting to them? And some parts are a little too harsh I have to say. Ok, perhaps the stories about some of the characters’ penchants for embezzlement and backstabbing might be a cause for alarm, but a lot of people you mention in the book only suffer from the harmless inborn crime of being baduy* at the very most. One could turn the tables and think of it as a case of the kulangot** calling the other one grey here. Because if you are going to start picking the noses of these folks, then I certainly hope your nostrils are clean too.”

sey ni kitty sa tv patrol interview where she expressed support for brian: that if brian hadn’t told all, she would have written about it in her next book. really? would she have been as brave as brian kaya? brave enough to name names? which would mean she might never come home?


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