benhur in the senate

it’s great that benhur luy is such a credible witness and we’re hearing our suspicions confirmed, finally, about the ins and outs of the pork barrel scam, napoles-style, which could be the template of sorts of PDAF diversions by other legislators.  and this is why i’m quite unhappy that this is happening in the senate.  after all, many of the senators in attendance, even if they’ve not been named as napoles clients, benefactors, accomplices, whatever, but who have been in the legislature like forever (think upper and lower, think dynasty), are themselves under public suspicion of likewise enriching themselves in office via kickbacks, commissions, whatever, from their own PDAFs in the past.  nakakairita na nakukuha pa nilang magpatawa, like innocent babes.

to top it all, absent sina joker arroyo at ping lacson, the only senators who have refused their PDAFs all these years.  why kaya did they snub the proceedings? they don’t want to be part of the farce?

there’s so much else happening on the side, from the most silly (kris aquino taking the MRT and raving about a notoriously NOT user-friendly transport system, hello?) to the most serious (firefights in zamboanga, bangsamoro in crisis yet again), but let’s not be distracted by events such as these that are out of our hands.  unlike the scrapPork movement: this IS in our hands, we have a handle on it na, huwag tayo bibitaw.

whatever the distractions, let’s not drop the ball, let’s not lose momentum, let’s keep up the protests, in large crowds and small, in social media and mainstream, let’s drum it into the president and the supreme court, the senators and the congressmen, the DOJ and the NBI and the ombudswoman, that we are serious, we want all pork abolished, we want all, as in ALL, culpable ones (not just the napoles network) investigated, made to return plundered public monies, and made to pay for the betrayal of public trust.  we can do this!