america’s boy 2010

na-confuse naman ako kay carmen pedrosa, kolumnista ng philippine star na panahon pa ni fvr ay kilala nang chacha-federalism advocate.   inaamin niya na she has been / is critical of noynoy aquino’s candidacy, allegedly because he is the candidate of a “former colonial power” that’s against constitutional reform, i.e., chacha.

A number of readers have asked me why I am zeroing in on Noynoy. Why don’t I criticize MannyVillar or Gibo Teodoro or Dick Gordon? I could, but that would not help in exposing what I consider the most important aspect of this election: the intervention by a former colonial power.

The main objective of this intervention was to frustrate constitutional reform and to make sure that a candidate of their choosing should be elected. That candidate was Noynoy.

but really?   america is against charter change?   is not the opposite true?   i was thinking more along the lines of lila shahani sounding off on filipino voices against anti-pinoy anti-noynoy bloggers who are pro-american and pro-chacha.

Ben’s a half-White guy trying to hustle a business who has a vested interest in endorsing Gordon: they’re related. Bong’s busy opening websites in Arizona, etc. His Dad hobnobs with US officials. They’re both neo-cons who r very pro-American and I suspect want charter change so foreigners can have 100% ownership of Philippine companies. There is a Gordon/Mindanao link because the US, among others, wants its hands on Mindanao’s endless resources. Note that Davao contributed a lot to the Red Cross during Gordon’s time.

They hate Noynoy because he won’t touch his Mom’s constitution. Their dislike of Noynoy is distinct from those of others here who simply prefer Gibo or Villar, etc, which is certainly not a problem. Noynoy has been their agenda from the get-go: 90% of the posts on Get Real r about Noynoy. Why? Because they stand to lose a lot if Noynoy wins. So it’s a concentrated campaign to demonize a candidate and his supporters. But the point is that Gordon is willing to sign off far more to the US than most Filipino patriots r willing to accept.

I, for one, am not against constitutional change as such, but think there should be a plebiscite and it should be discussed nationally outside the context of a presidential election. It should most certainly not be enacted simply to extend GMA’s stay in power. After all this noise that Bong and Ben have been making, I have started to wonder MORE about Gordon’s motivations, despite his flamboyant statements about Bangit and Villar. Like Enrile, I wonder if these hits r hard enough, or if they r simply for show to placate the general public. I find it odd to routinely see people in Makati sporting the green AND red bracelets on their wrists at the same time: what does that mean? I’m surprised they don’t even bother to be more subtle.

I for one am not willing to sign off this country to GMA and to greater foreign interests, which is why I am not for charter change right now. I believe the Filipino middle class desperately needs to grow, and needs to be given a chance away from the stranglehold of monopolies and foreign corporate interests. I think the Philippines should primarily be owned by Filipinos.

seems to me that america is pro-charter change (think mindanao) and probably supporting the likes of villar, gibo, and gordon even if these candidates swear they’re not raring to chacha, haha, who do they think they’re kidding.


  1. herbert

    does this article have a point? other than confusing me too on whether or not america is pro-chacha, you’ve only made your assertions questionable by not giving proof.

    please show why you say america is pro-chacha in the philippines. and please show why you are rambling about certain candidates being driven by foreign interests when today’s philippine business is almost entirely owned and run by the philippine-based chinese already. noynoy himself is of chinese ancestry and so is gibo.

  2. manuelbuencamino

    Imagine a former colonial power, to use Pedrosa’s words, opposing charter change that could conceivably allow the return of permanent foreign military bases in the country and the lifting of all restrictions on land ownership and exploitation of natural resources by foreign investors.

    I think Pedrosa was incurably unhinged after the Supreme Court called her People’s Initiative a grand deception and a gigantic fraud on the people.

  3. @ UPnGrad ;)) thanks for this: Last 9July2009, Arnold Padilla of bulatlat – com wrote:

    US ‘Wish List’ Vs Philippine Constitution Behind American Lobby for Cha-Cha. Arnold Padilla points to Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) and its publication — the National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers or the NTE. This document aims to provide an “inventory of the most important foreign barriers affecting US exports of goods and services, foreign direct investment by US persons, and protection of intellectual property rights.”

    Arnold Padilla lists a few charter-changes that USA would want, to include land ownership as well as :
    The Philippine Constitution limits investment in certain sectors deemed to be utilities (including water and sewage treatment, electricity transmission and distribution, telecommunications, and transport) to firms with at least 60 percent ownership by Philippine citizens. All executive and managing officers of such enterprises must be Philippine citizens.

  4. Die Hard NoyPi

    Before Noynoy came into the picture of running as president, I was seriously considering Sen. Dick Gordon to top my list of candidates whom I will vote in this coming election. I find him best qualified in terms of academic, professional and political track record and I consider him one of the most articulate speakers in the Senate. I dont mind Dick being Amboy (US lapdog) but being an s.o.b of the First Couple(absolved the couple from indictment in the ZTE-NBN scam) plus his escaping the Commission on Auditfindings on his violations of discretionary fund disbursement has turned me off. I just hope Pedrosa would just stop her dev(en-)lopmental issue on cha-cha since fundamentally that is not economic solution to the mismanagement of our resources nor revolutionary changes in our political structure.

  5. It is useless to discuss which candidate is the foreign interest puppet. It is the Office of the President that has been structured to be the puppet so anyone who occupies it, like it or not, will serve foreign interests because that’s the way the whole socio-economic system has been designed. It’s only a question of how easy it would be to push this or that candidate toward serving foreign interests and how far this or that candidate will go. As we have learned from the Marcos dictatorship, greed and vanity are decisive factors in this matter.

    Chit Pedrosa has become so enamoured of Villar that she forgets truly how melancholic EVERYONE was during the Marcos dictatorship. The only ones who weren’t were the cronies.