napoles in the palace, tatad in history

why is it so hard nga ba to believe tatad’s story of napoles’s long lunch in the palace before she gave herself up to lacierda in heritage park later in the day?  a question of credibility?  you would think he had successfully reinvented himself since marcos times, having been elected to the senate and having served from 1992 to 2001.  well, he was part of the craven eleven that refused to open the second envelope…  or maybe it’s his anti-RH stand?  or maybe it’s the timing, martial law anniversay and all, and people are remembering him as minister of public info, the first face on television after a long blackout, the face that introduced the dictator’s the day martial rule went public.  interesting, that for some things, we have such a long memory.

tatad should have named his sources, let the chips fall where they may.  why would we take just his word for it when he’s obviously defensive for enrile estrada revilla atbp.

this is not to say that there was nothing questionable about the napoles surrender.  i’ve always wondered why the president had to meet with her for ten minutes behind closed doors.  much can be discussed and agreed upon in ten minutes, especially when both sides are desperate for concessions.  if the president had truly wanted to be transparent, the whole affair should have been documented every step of the way and televised live for all the nation to see and hear.  then maybe there wouldn’t be all this speculation, suspicion, about a palace-napoles deal.

not that it would have stopped tatad from telling his story.  you wonder now if he received kickbacks/commissions, too, from his share of the pork barrel in ramos and erap times.


  1. manuel buencamino

    This is how Tatad lent credibility to his “source” The revelation “comes from highly authoritative sources whose loyalty to Aquino is exceeded only by their loyalty to the truth and who shared the story with extreme pain and sadness.  They just could not bear what to them is a “grand deception,” a deliberate and cold-blooded attempt to mislead and deceive the people on Malacanang’s real role and interest in the Napoles case.To them, it affects the whole fabric of morality in government, and ultimately Aquino’s moral fitness to remain in office.
    “This is worse than Nixon’s Watergate,” they said. “They’ve taken all of us for a ride, with no compunction or remorse. They are all morally bankrupt; they have no respect for the truth.”

    Unang sumagi sa isip ko, Hindi pa nagreresign ang source niya from a president he/she called morally bankrupt with no respect for the truth? Ikalawa, bakit pa nagtago? Kung galit na galit at sukang suka na siya bakit hindi siya lumantad at hinamon ang presidente? Third and most important, sa kadami-daming matitino at credible na journalist bakit naman si Tatad ang napili niya? Napaganda ng exposé niya kung totoo, kahit sinong news organization ay susunggaban yun storya niya, bakit kay Tatad siya lumapit?

    Ang sa akin ay pagharapin natin si Tatad at sinuman sa Palasyo na pwedeng magsalita para sa presidente.

  2. Indeed, why Tatad of all people, does the rat este source daw believes that all kotonglist este columnist are one and the same? But then again kanino nga ba dapat siya pumunta, nandiyan naman si Alex Maligno ehek mali, hehehe. Well, I am sure there are others that are credible like Ms. Monsod, so why not go to her than a known Goebbels wannabe, hehehe.

    • Batang-genyo,Alah,eh

      PJ@ :-)=korek ka dyan,pero di uubra yn kay Mareng Monsod,madugong mambato ng argumento, si known Goebbels dina wannabe, laos na yan, di nga maka top na senador nitong halalan May 2013.

  3. ” i’ve always wondered why the president had to meet with her for ten minutes behind closed doors.”

    why does this matter? what are we afraid of happened here? so what if they met and discussed the issue prior to surrendering?

    • It matters to anti-PNoys…especially to the Corona rah-rah boys who have an axe to grind.

      Any chance of pinning PNoy on a ‘betrayal of public trust‘ case will be worth their anti-PNoy efforts.

      • baycas, i dont even understand how a meeting between them before the surrender translates to any kind of crime. of course, if you surrender to someone, you will meet and talk to them. di ba obvious yun? what are we worried about?

      • excuse me, ha, hindi ako anti-pnoy o corona rah-rah. if anything, i’m anti-tatad anti-marcos, and anti-enrile anti-cojuangco and i want my share of the coco levy loot. i’m also anti-pork barrel, and i want everyone, ke admin ally ke opposition, to be accountable.

    • Batang-genyo,Alah,eh

      Gabby@, in an age of transparency, a high profile criminal suspect, dapat ang Pangulo ay maging maingat,tapat at walang tinatagong agenda. Sana hinarap muna si Napoles sa media at pinatuga kung ano ang nag-udyok sa kanya para lumantad at sabihin ang nalalaman nya kung may tiwala sya sa media at kay Pinoy.

        • Batang-genyo,Alah,eh

          Gabby@,may probable cause ayon sa fact-findings ng COA,testimonial evidence ng mga Whistle blowers hawak ng NBI, e kung ma-TRO pa ng court.tapos na ang labanan. Whitewash na naman ang mangyayari pagdi tinutukan ng media. Yan ang dapat subaybayan nating mamayan. Court of public opinion vs- court of justice controlled by hoodlums in robe.

  4. andrew lim


    Contrary to what the nation and the rest of the world have been led to believe, former Senator Kit Tatad and Vice President Binay spent several hours in “closed door conversations” with Nur Misuari, the leader of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) before starting the siege of Zamboanga city.

    The incredible detail was completely left out of Tatad and Binay’s itinerary records, which had sought to present that Tatad was busy recovering from the Pope’s latest admonition for the Church to stop obsessing about contraception and gay issues, and that Binay, on the other hand, was trying to contain damage to his presidential bid since his major UNA partners have been implicated in the PDAF scam.

    The revelation is certain to be denied, for obvious reasons, but it comes from higly authoritative sources whose loyalty to Marcos and Arroyo is exceeded only by their loyalty to creative writing and who shared the story with extreme glee and pathos. They just could not bear what to them is “a great joke that must be shared”, a deliberate and cold-blooded attempt to leave out and deceive the people on Tatad and Binay’s real role and interest in the Zamboanga siege.

    To them, it affects the whole fabric of morality of our past and present politicians, and ultimately Tatad’s relevance and Binay’s moral fitness to remain in office.

    “This is worse than “ Annebisyosa -The Concert“ they said. “ They’ve taken all of us for a ride, with no compunction or remorse. They are all morally bankrupt; they have no respect for the truth.”

    Annebisyosa- The Concert is the attempt of Anne Curtis to start a whole new genre of music – that of hitting only one or two percent of the notes in a song correctly, and still convincing others to pay for the concert!

    Why did Binay announce the ceasefire in behalf on Nur Misuari? Is Misuari the commander in chief of Binay?

    Why did Tatad insist on ordering pork binagoongan when he knew Misuari was a Muslim?

    Who financed the Zamboanga caper? Were they trying to divert national attention from the PDAF scam and the damage to UNA and Binay’s presidential bid?

    When Binay asked Misuari what his order was for lunch, why did he jump when Misuari answered “Gigi” ? “Gigi as in galunggong!” Misuari explained.

    he he he

    Spread this around. It is my attempt to satirize the inventive and malicious mind of Kit Tatad, who sees no contradiction between his extremist Catholicism and his extreme right wing corrupt politics. :)

  5. Batang-genyo,Alah,eh

    @andrew :-)
    Salamat sa iyong pagbabahagi ng isang bago at kahindik-hindik na balita at kung totoo man, nasagot din ang aking hakahaka na may mga kalaban ang ating “matuwid na pamahalan??” sa likod nitong pangyayari sa Zamboanga. Di ako nagkamali sa aking “speculaation”, wala lang akong ebidensiya. Patawarin din sila ng taong bayan kung totoo ang kalokohang ginagaw nila sa ating magulong bansa.

  6. ricelander

    It’s a curious thing to me too Ms. Angela. I linked said Tatad’s article on a post I made at Ellen Tordesillas’ blog, asking Ellen if she could validate his claims with her own sources at the Palace, as Tatad could have an agenda of his own. Hours later, Ellen’s blog became inaccesible, blocked by a page showing a crocodile. Took days before blog was accessible again but the comments thread was not. A week later, I revisited my post, it was all gone along with two or three others that commented on my post. I asked Ellen what happened but she has not replied. I do not know, maybe it is all technical.