the president’s lovelife

if the president seriously wants questions re his lovelife to stop, he should simply learn to respond with a no-comment — ang hirap ba, parang si kris ba –and his communications groups could help by warning the press not to waste their time, there are a host of more important public concerns — like what’s the trade-off with japan ba– and don’t treat the president naman like a showbiz figure.

instead the president has started to cater to the media’s penchant for love and romance among the rich and famous, announcing that he is dating celebrity stylist liz uy, what a beautiful person pala she is, and how impressed he is by her conversation.   and he wants them to stop asking?   c’mon.

makes me think it’s all spin.  if they could do it with shalani soledad, why not with liz uy?  because i heard it through the grapevine that the break-up with shalani happened before the campaign pa, pero napakiusapan si shalani to play along muna, it was good for the campaign, pa-macho effect i suppose.   which would explain why she was never seen with the sisters, never sat with the sisters, either at the proclamation or at the inaugural rites and festivities.   a real girlfriend, a real loved one, would have been right there celebrating with the new president and his family and not lost somewhere among lesser guests, when she was there at all.

so why the liz uy spin?   maybe to distract us from other more pressing matters.   also i suppose it has to do with shalani’s high-profile debut on television via no less than the wily willie’s new primetime show on tv 5.   biglang everyone’s talking about shalani — kahit pa she lost me at “hello” — i hear nag-i-improve naman.   but kris must hate it, lalo na’t she’s nowhere these days, and what about that paparazzi interview with shalani’s mom that raised questions like, bakit sinisiraan si shalani at sinong naninira?   and what better way to kill all talk than by having the president move on, romance another woman, kilig kris to the bones.

so why liz uy?   she’s one of kris’ many best friends, di ba, like boy abunda and vice ganda, so why not.   at least tunay siyang babae.   and since she spends a lot of time na with the president, making sure he looks good, perfect choice na rin.

which is NOT to denigrate ms. uy, who comes from a relationship with sexy kanto boy and topnotch actor john lloyd cruz, who’s a commercial AND critical success.   so is dating, maybe romancing, the president, if true, a level-up for liz?   i’m not sure.   possibly.   i guess.

okay okay maybe i’m wrong, maybe it’s all true, maybe it’s love, and maybe it’s even for keeps, but i’m suspending disbelief only if, and when, liz uy herself, with stars in her eyes, and in the president’s arms, confirms it all.

meanwhile, please naman, mr. president, FREE THE MORONG 43!  it’s long overdue.


  1. As a closeted guy, I find it kinda off the way the whole shalani-noy-liz “love story” is panning out.

    There is something strange about an old, ok..mature guy suddenly letting go a young, beautiful, decent and from the looks of it, mabait lady like shalani. And then out of the blue, start immediately dating another equally young beautiful lady like liz.

    Off. Off. Off. My gulay. Sinong TUNAY na lalaki ang pakakawalan si shalani???! or si sembrano? or for that matter si korina during her younger and sweeter years?? and for macho-effect, dapat biglang may kapalit? Am also suspending disbelief.

  2. UP nn grad

    SPIN… I believe that “Noynoy” Aquino does not want anyone asking what a single male like him — not a widower, not divorced, not separated — why a single male like him is still walking around as a single male.