Satur Sulit

the thing about money is it is very tricky
one minute you have it the next one you don’t
and so with the power that accompanies it
you have to exercise it or somebody else will

every dispensation needs loyal beneficiaries
to serve as its staunchest defenders and apologists
the benefits on offer are largely economic
but also psychological, the thrill of belonging

dressed up in uniforms, with titles and honors
the trappings of privilege, command of their lessers
it is a fantasy invented especially for them
to keep enthralled in the service of mammon

the work may be ugly, but you get used to it
the rewards are fantastic, you would not believe
you fall into its throes, it is very addictive
heaven on earth, the great ulterior motive!

it is heaven while it lasts but money is tricky
it traps you and then it throws away the key
there is no escape then, the show must go on
it is a ticket to hell, or maybe to prison.