surreal justice

UPDATE:  stats for revisiting hubert webb spiked like mad, through the ceiling, the day he was acquitted.   which is good. people are googling and reading up on the case.   read, too, katrina’s piece on pinky and press ethics.   i love pinky webb.   what a class act.   (krissy leaky, take note.)


i cheered 10 years ago when hubert webb et al were found guilty of the vizconde massacre by the paranaque regional trial court.   i cheered yesterday when hubert webb et al were acquitted by the supreme court.

i hate to admit it but yes all through the 90s it was easy to be swept up in the trial by publicity that projected hubert and the gang as rich boys getting away with murder and that clamored for their heads a la jaime jose et al who raped maggie de la riva in 1967 and were electrocuted in 1972.

but there was a lot i didn’t know then that i learned over the years, thanks mostly to winnie monsod who kept track of the case and never faltered in her belief that hubert was innocent.   i also didn’t learn until recently that alfaro was an nbi asset.   and the loss of the semen sample from carmela was just too suspicious…

so it’s back to square one , with just six months to go before it’s too late.   i suggest that a million bucks be offered for information re the true killers.   surely someone out there knows something s/he’s not telling.


  1. UP nn grad

    That 20-year statute of limitations now explains why Noynoy does not want to include “????Who was mastermind for Ninoy-murder???” in 2010 Truth Commission. Why bother, the mastermind can not be charged in Pilipinas court!!! Cory failure to find the mastermind is really quite a price to pay.

    And now, the Vizcondes. I don’t think the father Vizconde knows it yet, but when he does, he will be angry about this 20-years statute of limitations on murder. Pilipinas lang ata ang mayroon noon, this is so ugly!

  2. Not sure that the crime cannot be prosecuted anymore. Prescription is tolled by judicial proceedings. So if law enforcement focuses on another suspect, much of the 20 years is still there to run. Perhaps this is subject to correction.

  3. UP nn grad

    bert: “double jeopardy” is exactly that. If Colonel-this or Captain-that were to be tried next month for Jonas Burgos disappearance by a prosecution team that has not done heavy-duty homework, the odds are high for a ruling of “not guilty”. There is a second penalty when prosecution are lazily sloppy — an accused found by a court to be “not guilty” can not be tried a second time for the same crime.

    But the Vizconde case may not be closed yet. And a confession, too!!! This month or before Valentine’s Day 2011, a Pasay 24-year old with brains fried on shabu may get inner voices telling him that he is guilty of the Vizconde crimes, and he confesses. deLima’s Department of Justice or Puno’s PNP-team may want to oblige the shabu user, and why not? Pogi-points for having closed Vizconde murders!!!