Slim pickings @ Manila’s lit fest 2011

by Katrina Stuart Santiago

Let me begin with a confession: I take festivals and conferences, no matter how big or small, seriously.

Regardless of whether I pay to get in or not, whether it’s here or elsewhere, whether it’s an art fest or a literature conference, I go in on that first day, knowing I will go the rest of the days, always ready to get involved in discussions and prepared to be blown away by the brilliance of artists who are ready to discuss their work and the landscape of creativity that they are necessarily part of.

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  1. Dina Sumulong

    Kung kaya lang ng powers ko, isasauli ko ang entrance fee ni Ina.

    Pero bakit no mention kay “Sir Butch”? At kay “Sir Krip”? Ba’t si Kavhhn, si Khatigbak at si Khookie lang ang napagdiskitahan e letter K din naman ang pangalan ni Alfred Y.

    Atchaka di ba homage eklat iyong “The Great Philippine Book Cafe”? (at least according to the self-described aging vet, in his account of the unfortunately named MILF)


    ‘la lang.