senate hearings a waste of time?

i disagree with senators like miriam and joker who say that senate hearings on the garci tapes and the zte-fg deal (no deal) are a waste of timeand resources. not at all. like the erap impeachment trial, i find them quite informative and educational, not only re the facts of each case, no matter how kulang-kulang, but also re congressional rituals and level of discourse, or quality of thought.

i also disagree with pundits who think that there is no outrage, no edsa cuatro, because people don’t care anymore, because people are done with edsas, thanks to that edsa kuno that gave us gma. on the contrary. i think there is outrage and disgust, but that’s not all that’s needed to get people moving.

in 1986 we at least knew enough about the excesses of the conjugal dictatorship and the cheating in the snap election, thanks to the mosquito press, and mababaw ang kaligayahan natin, mapatalsik lang si macoy okay na, bahala na. in 2001 we at least knew enough about the jueteng pay-offs and the bank accounts, thanks to the live broadcasts and replays of the impeachment trial.and mababaw pa rin ang kaligayahan natin, mapatalsik lang si erap okay na, bahala na.

this time people are thinking muna before moving. hindi na mababaw ang kaligayan nila. next time they want real change. and they don’t know enough, they need to know more, to make informed decisions. so anc’s live broadcasts of the senate hearings are invaluable. people can see, hear, for themselves about the cheating and stealing that’s going on, and sometimes, sometimes, the senators ask good questions that expand the mind and raise understanding a notch.

every little helps.