Professionalism and the ERC

By Randy David

So complex and demanding are the functions and responsibilities of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) that the law that created it pegged its members’ compensation at the same level as that of justices of the Supreme Court. Every section of Republic Act No. 9136, known as the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (Epira), squarely puts the burden of protecting the interest of consumers and ensuring competitiveness in a deregulated industry on the shoulders of the 5-member commission.

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  1. manuel buencamino

    David identified the problem. The law is vague on “recognized competence” and “actual and distinguished experience in their respective fields of expertise” because it did not detail “how are competence and distinguished experience in a given field to be measured?”

    Now comes the hard part, “how are competence and distinguished experience in a given field to be measured?”

    Identifying the problem is the first step, offering a solution is the next step. Many op-ed writers excel in the first step but they leave us hanging, waiting for the next step. How do we measure, Professor?

  2. i dont think David identified it at all. has anyone accused them of being technically incompetent? how were they so? ang nababasa ko, they were TOO legalistic, and they side more with the energy industry than with consumers. Thats not a problem with knowledge, thats more of an ethical/political issue.

    • manuel buencamino

      It’s not a question of taking sides. It’s a matter of fulfilling the mandate to allow the price of power to find its own level, free from manipulation and collusion among power producers and between power producers and power distributors.

  3. Batang-genyo-Alah Eh

    Malinao po na ang mga “technocrat” na naglilingkod sa ating pamahalan ay bumanaliktad o kinakalimutan ang kapakanan ng “malilit na tao ng ating lipunan” kapag nalasing na sa kapangyarihan ng kanilang inuupuang katungkulan. Baliwala na ang kanilang sinumpang ipatupad ang kaayusang katurangang panghanap buhay dahil sila ay nasisilaw ng mga material na bagay na inihahain ng mga naghahariang uri ng mga kalakal sa ating bansa. Immoral ba o political influence, sinong makapag huhusga?