people are tweeting for jinkee

these last two days i’ve been so aliw with twitter, biglang may tag na #teamjinkee, na nanganak na ng #teamkrista, and #teamdionisia.   found out from ederic, one of only 12 tweeps i follow because i’m too lazy.   the tweets are funny kasi yung mga nagjo-join ay tawang-tawa rin sa kanilang bagong advocacy: cheering on jinkee and not her (allegedly) philandering champ of a husband manny pacquiao, LOL

ederic : may #teamjinkee na raw sa Twitter. Hehe

gasolinedude : Kung merong #teamjinkee sa Twitter, meron din bang #teamkrista?

ederic : Wala pa yatang #teamkrista … Sasali kami sa #teamdionisia. LOL

jcmadrinico: gus2 ko ng team jinkee na tshirt! hehehe

petiburges : Nakikiisa! Go Team Jinkee!

pinay_chismosa : hehehe #teamjinkee so I am ANTI-KRISTa na!!! hehe

annaria : I hope she gets half of all his money. #TEAMJINKEE!

beahidalgo : Why are all tweets about Jinkee Pacquiao? But seriously, go #TeamJinkee. The girl is just

ederic : Mga ANTI-KRISTa ba ang mga kasapi ng Team Jinkee?

Jackemon : ANTI-KRISTa hahahaha kalurkey,

theasweetcheeks : ako sa legal wife; team Jinkeeee!! hehehe :p

pinay_chismosa to #teamjinkee don’t get mad, don’t get even, get everything -first wives club. waaaaaa.ANTI-KRISTa.

mcmanaloto : kay Jinkee din ako, she really stood by her man through thick or thin and all

noelledeg : Whether it’s love or not, it’s still wrong to cheat on your wife,

jecoplacio : Natawa naman ako sa mga #teamjinkee at #bangonjinkee tags. #teamkrista ako. Lol.

arnoldgamboa : Kakatawa naman kayo mga Tweeps. May #teamkrista at #teamjinkee na kayong hash tags? Go, #teamdionisia! Hahaha!

nei_tapan : I hope Jinkee Pacquiao has a twitter acct so she can see how almost everybody is supportive of her :'(

jonasdelosreyes: just a matter of time b4 #teamjinkee starts trending :)

lizzzuy : I feel for Jinkee Pacquiao ;(

Abbie12 For richer or poorer! #TeamJinkee!!!

pinay_chismosa : hay naku still I am ANTI-KRISTa. at hanggang ngayon di nagsasalita kahit si Matt Ranillo. Hay naku nangangamoy dugo…

camzs420 : #TEAMJINKEE! No to homewreckers.. ^.^ woot!

arlenetamayo: Sisters and I are making Team Jinkee shirts. HAHA. you want?

joey_alarilla : yes, where can we buy the shirts?

roxanvergonia . A Woman  deserves more. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. #TEAMJINKEE on the rise!

jrcarrabe : hey i want my #teamjinkee shirt! haha!

camzs420 : no to homewreckers ^.^ woot!

arlenetamayo : #teamjinkee shirts are underdevelopment. My sister’s designing it as I tweet. :D my heart really goes out to her. :)

camzs420 : Nko #pacman, lalo kang di mananalo sa Saranggani.. Puro #teamjinkee dun! hahaha!

ilovemaru : Yey, madami palang kakampi. Team Jinkee!!! Haha

charuzee : Topic of the day at work! :)

Abbie12: For richer or poorer! #TeamJinkee!!!

ederic : And still others are torn between #teamjinkee and #teamkrista. :p

joey_alarilla : LOL #teamjinkee rules! pero baka mas marami ang #teamdionisia haha :)

maimislang : OMG laugh trip yung #teamjinkee! Guys guys, anong round na ba? =)

mindanaoan : Me! I’m on #teamjinkee (woot) LOL how how the carabao kaya isi-spin to ni krista?

maimislang : Hindi ka nag-iisa!!! #teamjinkee taob na taob #teamkrista

ronniedare : Ntabunan na ng #teamjinkee and ni #Kristaranillo ang buzz regarding Pacman’s victory. Hanef! hehe

edsregine : Count me in for #teamjinkee! Dun ako sa legal wife! Go Mrs. Pacquiao! Woohoo!

paolozamora : natumbok mo! minahal at pinakasalan nung di pa sikat.

wwwgmanewstv: Pacquiao victory eclipsed by Krista Ranillo ‘affair’

maimislang : Kasi naman Pacman, behave! :

edsregine : We’re on your side Mrs. Pacquiao!

spaulding2k : mukang wala sa ring ang downfall ni pacquiao! :Þ

edsregine The whole body of Philippine laws and jurisprudence is with Jinkee. More importantly, the Divine Law is on her side. #teamjinkee

joey_alarilla : Manny Pacquiao wife gets support from Filipino Twitter users

inday58 : i dont think all of manny’s success in the ring can make up for his disgusting morals. better change before he loses everything.

orasid : bigla kong nakita yung Knorr ad nina Manny at Jinkee :'(

arlenetamayo : … currently looking for printers for the #teamjinkee shirts. So we can finalize the size and prices :)

camzs420: RT@scoopbox: Jinkee Pacquiao will not arrive with husband Manny tomorrow.She took a different flight,will arrive on Sat instead.

DirekJoey : There must be more to life than arguing, fussing, speculating, moralizing and worrying about Krista Ranillo.

ederic Fr @heckler8: NCR will deploy 2000 cops on Friday to secure Manny Pacquiao; 3000 more will be deployed to secure Krista Ranillo.

welcome home, manny ;)


  1. haha jun ;) muntik na nga yata sumabit bigtime kung di napayuhan ni chavit na kailangang si jinkee ang kasabay niya paguwi, haha, yan ay kung paniniwalaan natin si anabelle rama na natiyempuhan ko sa teleradyo yata yon, kahapon

  2. @Angela, obvious naman that somebody is trying to salvage(?) Manny’s image pero too late. Kaya nga kulasisi tinawag ang mga wannabes dahil you can always caged them up whenever you want, you know.

    I’m just wondering what kind of a life you want to live in exchange of a channel bag.

  3. Diehard Noypi

    this is one of the difference betwn a Muslim and a Christian. A Christian has three Gods and one Wife. In Islam, there is only One God but can have 4 (four) wives at the same time. hehehe, practical and natural.