noisy na, malicious pa

first time i heard “noisy minority” it was ballsy aquino talking and she was referring to leftists making kulit (if memory serves) about hacienda luisita.   so natawa naman ako when i heard that president aquino had used the same in a vin d’honneur toast to the new year in reference to the challenges ahead:

… from an uncertain outlook for the global economy, to a noisy minority who want to rekindle the malicious practices of the past.

bong austero was offended for the opposition in congress:

PNoy’s remark struck a raw nerve because of the lack of a suitable context. Taking potshots at one’s perceived enemies at a formal occasion one is hosting smacks of illegitimate political behavior, particularly if the people being targeted comprised majority of those who graciously lent their presence at the occasion and who were there apparently in the spirit of cooperation.

ninez cacho olivares was more candid as always:

But just who compose the noisy minority, and just who does he refer to as those who want to rekindle the malicious practices of the past — some of which, incidentally,have been rekindling, such as lump sum appropriations, to name just one.

Of course, Noynoy does not say, and won’t say who the noisy minority is either, because he is using the “noisy minority” to blame for his failureand zero achievement in his six months in the presidential office.

Yet the noisy minority that he speaks of can hardly be called a threat to his claimed reform program. The political opposition in the House of Representatives can hardly be seen as a stumbling block to his reforms, mainly because it is in the minority and therefore does not have the numbers with which to block Noynoy’s plans — if he even had one. Nor, for that matter, does the political opposition have the numbers to override the presidential veto. How then can the minority be a stumbling block?

His critics? But they have no power to stop any of his alleged reform plans or even stop the change he claims he wants to bring about but hasn’t.

The Supreme Court (SC)? But it is hardly noisy and if its majority members strike down Noynoy’s executive orders and memorandum circulars if it mainly because his fiats are constitutionally infirm. But just what does Noynoy want? A subservient SC, along with his already subservient Congress? Is this the change, as well as reforms he speaks of that he wants to bring about?

lol.  biglang magka-level na ang kaliwa, ang gma-opposition, at ang supreme court?   ay, teka, mali.   the left has been called a lot of things, but never “malicious.”


  1. “A subservient SC, along with his already subservient Congress? Is this the change, as well as reforms he speaks of that he wants to bring about?”-Ninez Cacho Olivares

    Well, this is Noynoy’s dilemma. A Supreme Court subservient to GMA, or, a Supreme Court subservient to the government. I wonder which is better and good for the Philippines.

  2. UP nn grad

    And speaking of subservient — Rina Jimenez David worries about Noynoy-kowtow-to-CBCP; Rina comments – “AGAIN, as far as I know, P-Noy has yet to conduct an honest dialogue with other stakeholders on the issue of sexual and reproductive health and rights. Has he talked with women, particularly poor women, whose health, lives and destinies are on the line on the matter of government subsidies or support for family planning commodities, services and information?…. to enlighten him on what reproductive health (or the lack of it) means to Filipino women.”

  3. An opportunity for the PNoy to see from another perspective his father Ninoy’s pestering of Marcos in their time. Was that how Marcos, his father’s nemesis, felt then? Hmm, we should see an opposition figure as articulate, as dogged, as wily and as charismatic as was Ninoy emerging from the sidelines in due time