no ceasefire

mother earth cares nothing for christmas.   mayon volcano continues in the throes of imminent eruption.   no ceasefire there.

in which spirit i was planning to post a piece taking off from the celdranparedes online catfight smack into the migration issue that celdran raised, which truly deeply resonates with pinoys who stay, but on second thought it can wait til after christmas.   puwede ring pag-isipan pa.

so i was looking around for a christmas piece worth re-posting.   in the end i settled on toto gonzalez’s in remembranceofthingsawry.

Comedy Relief: New threat to kiddies, 16 December 2009

I had a great big laugh yesterday late afternoon as I was at a department store shopping for Christmas presents…

A six year old boy was having a tantrum because his mother refused to buy him the toy he wanted. Some new thing that cost Php thousands. He was making a mess of himself right there, embarrassing his young and pretty mother no end…

“Tama na iyan! Pag hindi ka tumigil, pupugutan ka ng ulo ni AM*ATUAN!!! Papatayin ka ni AM*ATUAN!!!” snapped the mother.

The little boy immediately stood up and behaved.

I’ve heard of various threats to kiddies. But I’ve never heard of AM*ATUAN to be one of them!!!

How’s that for the Grinch who stole Christmas???