mindanao muddle

what a mess. it would seem na si gma-in-china lang ang maligaya about the grp-milf ancestral domain deal.

almost everyone else is unhappy, especially muslims and christians living in lands that government is willing to cede to the milf: muslims and christians who were not consulted – where’s the democracy nga naman. hindi man lang sila tinanong kung payag sila, at walang paliwanag kung bakit nararapat (kung nararapat man) at paano narating ang ganoong desisyon.

the grp-milf deal simply gives away too much to an armed milf, to the detriment of other muslim groups and lumads and christians, rightly raising fears of more terrorism, rather than none, which could be the point of the whole thing.

seems like the grp-milf deal (or no-deal) isn’t meant to settle anything, rather it is meant to UNsettle things further, which lends credence to theories that in her “last two minutes” gloria is out to create an environment that would give her reason to declare martial law, or congress reason to change the charter, both of which bode ill for the nation.

as always, i have a hard time giving gloria and her congress the benefit of the doubt. it’s hard to believethat she did not anticipate this kind of fall-out. she is, after all, neither stupid nor naive.


  1. Gloria Arroyo Wants To Dance The Cha Cha (Charter Change)Again!

    We were already cheated in 2004. Are we going to allow Gloria to get away with Cha Cha and extend her reign indefinitely???

    As our hero Dr. Jose Rizal put it so bluntly : ‘Tal pueblo, tal gobierno’.” (As the people are, so is their government).