matt defensor asks, “bakit magkakagulo?”

caught the the dzmm teleradyo program of henry omaga diaz and nina corpuz with political analyst joel rocamora and congressmen teofisto guingona 3 and matt defensor yesterday. they were talking of course about hr 1109’s con-ass and how upset people are, how it’s truly a sensitive issue pala, and defensor agreed, dapat ay tantanan na muna ng kongreso, as in, it’s not worth it if it causes instabilityand discord…

but towards the end of the show, after gracefully enduring, when notdodging, the anti-gma brickbats thrown his way by rocamora and guingona, who refused to believe defensor when he said that gma had absolutely nothing to do with the railroading of hr 1109, defensor suddenly raised the question:

what’s wrong, if we go through the process of electing gma again, and she wins.   it means gustosiya ng taong bayan.   so bakit magkakagulo?

rocamora quickly pointed out that for that to happen, the constitution would have to be amended first nga; guingona brought up the problem of cheating, as in 2004, and the question of gma’s legitimacy.

and then it was time to wrap up, nag-overtime na nga, which left me bitin and intrigued by defensor’s question that’s obviously a reflection of the kind of thinking that gma’s gang indulges in.

it tells me that hr 1109 was a case of congress testing the waters, testing the people’s limits, baka makalusot, maybe not enough people would be bothered to raise a hue and cry, or maybe people have realized that gma’s doing a good job pala, whatever the illusion, 1109 was worth a try, nothing to lose but credibility, and gma’s majority in congress lost that a long time ago…

so now they know better.   the people say no to con-ass until after gma’s gone forever.   and maybe the people would rather have a con-con, kung talagang kailangan.

on to plan b, i suppose.   maybe start making ligaw , making gapang, the senators, under the table, one by one, until there are enough who will go for joint voting, or until there are enough to win in separate voting, depending on how the supreme court rules or doesn’t rule on con-ass.

clearly, okay lang kay defensor and his ilk the idea of amending the constitution to accommodate gma’s desire to stay in power beyond 2010, whatever her reasons, because, correct me if i’m wrong, they actually want to stay in power too, and, ilusyonado ones, they actually believe that the best of gma is yet to come.   and if she can win in pampanga and win a future parliament’s votes to become prime minister, ibig sabihin noon she has the mandate of the people, so bakit magkakagulo?

bakit magkakagulo?   because it’s a lie that gma is good for the country.   gma is part of the problem.   she’s been forever and will be forever on status-quo oligarchic mode, with all that it implies for our basket-case of an economy, agrarian non-reform, population non-control, graft and corruption, the debt cycle, inadequate educational services, no health care, high cost of basic necessities, low wages, environmental exploitation and degradation, and so on and so forth.   the worst would be yet to come.

bakit magkakagulo?   meaning, hindi magkakagulo?   that can only mean na bawal na kasing magprotesta at magdemo.   ibig lang sabihin, martial law na uli.   nangangarap sila.


  1. but lately, say ni nograles na under the recently-approved House Resolution 1109, the assembly “will tackle only the two economic provisions of the Constitution on foreign land ownership.” hmm, matagal ko nang kutob ito, na kung di kayanin ang gloria-forever, deleting economic provisions limiting foreign land ownership would be good enough for glo and mike… feel ko, tipong minamadali nila ito dahil a con-con under a new president just might not oblige.