“harapan” nina korina’t ricky: HARANG! 2

if they truly wanted to serve the nation, korina and ricky should have done a definitive recap of the aborted nbn-zte deal, starting with jarius bondoc’s andjoey de venecia’s testimonies on to romulo neri’s and jun lozada’s. then maybe korina herself would be clearer about benjamin abalos’ sordid role in the whole shebang. instead, they allowed abalos to repeat himself ad nauseam on hamburjer worth dying for, nowhow idiotic is that!


  1. Most likely that was deliberate. One thing the Palace has always understood, possbily better than anyone else, is the supreme importance of getting your point of view out in the media. It’s been like shadow boxing with her, ‘cept the shadow seems to learn and adapt, and never falls too far behind.

  2. GMA is not Erap, who allowed criticism, demonstrations, the works. That was his mistake. GMA knows all ten major ingredients of a people power uprising. soon as one pops up, it’s whack-a-mole time.

    2010 is not so far away. before you know she could chacha her way into yet another six years, or more.