freudian slip of a bitch

just saw news video of governor joey salceda glibly saying: “she may be a bitch, but she’s the luckiest bitch around!” he wasn’t joking, oh no he wasn’t, because first he stopped, namutla, covered his mouth with one hand, ay, me tv coverage nga pala! (or something to that effect) – so kung walang tv coverage he would have said it anyway? then it would have gotten around anyway, and maybe he would have denied it a la neri, haha, as in, i don’t remember saying that.

now he’s saying it was a joke, a bad joke, calling her a bitch in an “intellectual discourse” with a group of economists and businessmen in ateneo. i heard laughter from the audience, i saw ciel habito et al grinning broadly, maybe even chuckling out loud, but surely not because nakakatawa yung sinabi ni salceda (nakakagimbal nga because it sorta corroborates “evil”) but because nakakatawa si salceda! akalain mo, NADULAS SIYA, mwahaha, i mean, L O L !

what it was certainly was a freudian slip of the tongue. how priceless! something he has been thinking, maybe even saying in private (again a la neri), but has been suppressing in public because, really, there’s conflict involved that puts his integrity, and his job, into question. why is he working for a bitch, even if she’s a lucky bitch, a bitch is a bitch, i.e., “an offensive woman, malicious, spiteful, domineering, intrusive, unpleasant.”

bakit siya nadulas? ah, his psychological well-being was at stake. the effort to suppress something significant that deserves to be shared, or bottling up emotions that deserve to be released, can be too much for the psyche. comes a time when the higher self takes over and moves one to speak one’s truth, no matter how radical, no matter how dangerous, no matter how bad the timing. lalo na’t the cat’s out of the bag about the economy. sabi nga ni ciel habito, the economy is “growing” not because of but in spite of gma. i’m sure kahit sinong ilagay natin diyan, the economy will “grow,” thanks to ofw remittances. (lucky bitch indeed.)

so is economic adviser salceda in hot water with the “evil” na “bitch” pa? there’s news that he has apologized not just once, but three times by text, and no reply. naku. if i were salceda, magre-resign na lang ako, be true to his higher self.

speaking of texts, the one re noli de castro and the girlfriend and dasma house is not true, sey ni lito banayo.

also got a text warning against fund-raising scams for jun lozada using the name of a mother superior, and another that shares lozada’s phone numbers so i can ask him the truth about the patriotic fund, how much did jamby pay him to lie? why did he ask gaite for money when binay contractor ernie canlas gave him P3 million before leaving for hongkong? at anong pinag-usapan nila ni joey de venecia nung sundan siya nito sa hongkong? at kung ano ano pa.

it’s up to lozada kung gusto niyang patulan ang walang patid na insinuations and accusations being hurled at him. as far as i’m concerned, none of it detracts from his testimony on the allegedly evil but lucky bitch.