Elitism in the time of Duterte

Katrina S.S.

The upside to having a President like Rodrigo Duterte is that we are finally weeding out the elitists among us. And I don’t mean those who think that Duterte is so bastos, is so not a statesman, is so not President-material because not disente. No, this is beyond just some good ol’ Liberal Party campaign elitism. This is its more evil, less apologetic, more insidious twin. Elitists who even imagine themselves to be pro-poor, because they feel for them and wish to empower them, because they speak of the plight of the poor and the inequality in society.

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  1. john c. jacinto

    I would have applauded the KADAMAY members if they occupied homes in Forbes Park, Dasmariñas Village, and other upscale gated villages in Metro Manila. That’s where the elitist policy makers live like kings and plan their elitist conspiracies against the poor. I myself need a decent, affordable housing but I won’t do what the KADAMAY members did in Bulacan. I disagree with what they did as I disagree with the President’s barbaric war on drugs. I hope that doesn’t make me sound siding with the elitists.

    • Batang Genyong_Alah Eh

      jcj, you have the right to disagree,even the right to sound you did not vote for him, but to be labeled as “siding with the elitists is pure hypocracy.