Satur Sulit

the law is harsh but it is the law, lawyers argue
if the law wrongs you there’s nothing they can do
sorry but tough, the other got the better of you
there is injustice in this, but the law is blind
not for truth but for other purposes designed

when the law knocks and papers are served you
accusing you of this or that, be it true or spurious
outlaws know it well, money is the real issue
good if you have it, rich friends or family
else you must find it, and a friendly attorney

laws are pliable, lawyers know what to do
they think as we do, of people there are but two
who wins and who loses, the doer and the done to
guilty or not guilty only dizzies the head
it can go either way, be generous or you’re dead

the law is for sale, you can buy you protection
go see what the cost is of a counteraction
the law is full of holes, designed for your discretion
the stakes are divided defense and prosecution
money is legal tender, it is so-called for a reason.


  1. Timmy Grande

    Conscience cannot be bought by a congresswoman who allowed her sister to use her staff in harassing the latter’s aged and ailing ma-in-law…hers and her clan will have their souls burning in the lake of fire or rotten by immeasurable number of maggots….if they can circumvent the law of men, they cannot escape the wrath of the law of the Almighty.