double entry, double-dealing

if he is telling the truth, i do not for the life of me understand why senate president manny villar doesn’t simply answer the questions that have been thrown at him regarding that c-5 extension.

kung totoong wala siyang ginawa / ginagawa na mali o labag sa batas, dapat ay siya mismo ang nagtatanggol sa sarili at hindi ang mga kaalyado niya sa senado, e.g., alan peter cayetano at joker arroyo, na sobrang offended that lacson dares accuse the senate president and the senate of corruption. wtf. as if senators were saints.

napapaghalata tuloy na merong itinatago si villar, malamang tungkol sa right-of-way, malamang conflict-of-interrest, and that he’d really rather not have it investigated or made public because it would put him in a bad light, perhaps bad enough to lose him a shot at the presidency.  i’m sure he’d like nothing better than the ceasefire that kiko pangilinan is asking for. i suppose this is kiko’s way of being an independent, stop the shooting?

but really, lacson is right, why should the opposition oblige? wala namang executive privilege si villar. he is as accountable as any senator, as any public servant. too bad for him that the timing is terrible vis a vis his 2010 ambition, but such is life.

kung walang ping lacson on the scene, there would have been another, on similar mode, to call villar to account. just as, even if he hadn’t climbed that stage, he would have bumped and cut his forehead anyway, and, lacson exposey or not, he would have been on public exhibit after, with that white white tape by his eyebrow, looking dazed, natauhan kaya?

pana-panahon lang yan, ika nga.  maybe it’s time to cut, and cut cleanly? as in, tell all, turn state witness, lol, wouldn’t that be fun! for a change.


  1. Angela

    If you want a preview of life under a Money Villar presidency,go to Las Pinas.Every basketball court,every large garbage can,every flower pot has “Donated by Senate President Villar and Congresswoman Villar.” Of course these streamers feature their “photoshopped “pictures. Tasteless,vulgar.

  2. The project itself even without the discovery of the double insertion stinks. For one the realty development company owned by Villar and El Shaddai’s Mike Velarde are making a killing for the right-of-way that should have been donated and not sold to Juan de la Cruz. Aside from the right-of-way revenue which is really peanuts it is the appreciation of property value that they will actually reap a windfall profit. The question now is not just on double insertion but to see if undue political position (in the case of Villar) and political influence (in the case of Velarde) was exerted on the project creation. In lieu of this and if these senators still have some dignity left in them, are they capable of conducting a thorough prove that will shed light on the state of budget allocation or once again be selective to a point that it does not harm anyone of them but serve merely as PR sound bytes for the gullible public?