day one kababawan

woke up late, missed charice and ryan c. (that’s all i regret missing).  kumakanta ang APO.   ang labo, parang nangangampanya pa rin.  why not Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo, ‘yon ang winner, ke-pro o anti-cory ka, maganda yung kanta.   doon pa ba nagpigil ng lantarang pagka-maka-EDSA One?   as for that highly touted ogie alcasid song, it was nothing memorable (i missed janno).

and what about all that waiting time.    i’ve worked on enough grand live productions to know that the sequence guide can be fine-tuned to the very last second to 12 noon for the perfect segue to the president’s oath-taking.   heh.   amateurs.

and what about the breach of protocol that says the president-elect should be the last one to mount the stage — pag nandoon na lahat ng bisita at ibang opisyales, para pag-akyat niya, umpisa agad ang programa.   nauna daw kasi dumating si aquino, nahuli si binay, and i suppose aquino didn’t want to wait for binay so nauna na lang siya umakyat?   josko.   sino bang in-charge of protocol???    did anyone warn binay that he had to arrive earlier than aquino?   did anyone warn aquino that he should arrive and mount the stage after binay?   hay naku.  as if the noy-binay relationship weren’t messed up enough already.

and speaking of amateurs, when i heard that prez noy was gonna oblige with a song, groan, i just deliberately ignored the street party and happily settled for wimbledon’s day 9, berdych defeated federer in 4 sets, whatta show.   but of course the next day’s tv newscasts just had to rub it in, share footages of the new prez singing, karaoke style.   i know i know he was nakikisama, natuwa ang masa, he’s one of us and all that.  but really?

and what about the biggest booboo of all, memorandum circular no. 1, oh my.   a blooper by any other name is still a blunder.   did any one ask karina constantino-david’s advice first?  none of it augurs well for the near future.   expect more confusion until the newbies get the hang of things.   oh well, at least no palace chandelier fell in noynoy’s wake.


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  1. UP nn grad

    Many people (like MMDA Chief) do not know if they are covered by Memorandum Circular No. 1 (whatever version). The bigger issue is not the salary of thc chiefs. The big issue is the validity (or lack of validty) of papers signed by the “victims” of Memo-circular No 1.

  2. hehehe like you, i was irita to the max and i was down in south carolina on a business, like i had an appointment early morning, like i did not even sleep, to watch the whole disapppointing wowowee event hahaha

    na-weirdohan ako when binay got off the electric hitachi golf cart dahil i think i saw a platoon of broadway stars in uniform. me nars, me student, me whatever. para syang north korean propaganda and binay made handshake with each one ’em nyahaha, even insanely enough dahil last pala syang dumating! ampooka oo!

    the whole planning of performers is missing, why? planners could have ask how long the song will last para hindi halata na siningit lang nila si Christian Baustista to kill the time, and what without any musical-lembang of anything to think na andun ang philharmoniously not.

    you’re right about the over-rated ogie alcasid song like he planned/wrote this song inside the space station, wa katorya torya din pala. ang what about the disastrous APO Hiking Society song? and what about the misplaced chinese dragon? kala ko year of the rat uli hahaha

    ayoko na magcomment sa biggest booboo baka magalet si tukayo hehe

  3. UP nn grad

    A little detail that people may have missed. If you know of BIR employees who were on the take or who were “expediters”, then DO NOT bother to report it to anybody of Noynoy administration.
    Asked how she would deal with errant employees in Internal Revenue, Kim Henares, new BIR Chief said: “I’m giving everyone a clean sheet of paper. They will be evaluated on their performance today. I will be giving them a chance to turn over a new leaf.”

    Source: Manila Standard : Collections to rise by P150b with no new taxes—BIR chief
    by Elaine R. Alanguilan

  4. UP nn grad

    The Noynoy groups are tripping all over themselves trying to get the website operating. They have agreed to disagree AND agreed to shut down the website in the meanwhile.